Maricopa County Official Resigns After Leaked Secret Recordings

Republican official Steve Chucri recently resigned from the board overlooking the Maricopa County after a recording came out of him criticizing his GOP colleagues. His colleagues were against a review of the 2020 election, even though Chucri claimed they had problems with illegal ballot harvesting and dead people voting. He even referred to the law that Gov. Doug Ducey signed last year allowing election workers to analyze the digital images of ballots in cases that were unclear in which candidate a voter chose.

Chucri even claimed in secret recordings back in March that he believed Republican colleagues Bill Gates and Jack Sellers did not support the Maricopa County audit because they “barely” won. The comments were secretly recorded at a March We the People AZ Alliance event.

“You know what I think it was, in hindsight? Gates got scared because he barely won, and Jack got scared because he only won by 200 votes. And if there was an audit and a recount — which is pretty bullsh**, by the way — what would happen in those two races? And that is way too self-serving,” Chucri said.

Chucri later apologized following his resignation and said it was an honor serving with his colleagues. He said the comments he made were during a “very turbulent time” and that Gates and Sellers have every right to be angry and disappointed with him. He said he should’ve never made those statements and offered his colleagues heartfelt apologies.

The recordings spread like wildfire of the County supervisor bashing his colleagues and calling the audit “pretty bulls**.” In another recording, Chucri even admits that he and the County Recorder Stephen Richer should never use Dominion again. It’s hard to keep believing that the election is so fair when there are so many who are saying it wasn’t. Even Maricopa County Supervisors and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have been awfully quiet about the allegations.

Gates, on the other hand, has tweeted out that he is receiving death threats over the “election misinformation” that is spreading like wildfire. He pressed FBI officials to be vigilant in investigating this “unacceptable behavior.” It’s hard to call it election misinformation when there are actual recordings of it being called a fraud.

Chucri’s resignation will be effective Nov. 5 and he has continued to vouch for the accuracy of the 2020 presidential election results, adding that there was “no coverup” and the election was not stolen. He has emphasized that Biden won, but there is still a lot of truth in what he said about the Maricopa County results. There were fraudulent mail-in ballots and dead votes coming out of nowhere. While he did his part to obstruct and delay the audits at every turn, his resignation is just an admission of guilt. But the entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors should’ve been gone a long time ago.

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  1. There is no doubt about it. The Democrats have lied and cheated heir way into he white house. The sad part about this is, that our primary enemies of Russia and China, among others are the actual winners and America is toast.

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