Major Woke Celebrity Sees That Trump Was Right About Clinton and Russia…

We all well remember the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy of 2016. We also know that while the left still believes it to be true for the most part, it was nothing but fiction made up by failed presidential candidate and corrupt Democrat Hillary Clinton and her ilk.

However, it seems that years after the fact, some on the left are now starting to believe it was all a bunch of lies meant to discredit former President Donald Trump and his presidency too.

Enter famed and outspoken English comedian Russell Brand. Like many on the political left, Brand believed the lie liberal-backed media told him for years, that Trump was really helped by Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 election.

But thanks to the recent charging and indictment of lawyer Michael Sussman, Brand’s eyes have been opened.

As The Hill explains, Sussman’s indictment was part of the ongoing investigation by special counsel John Durham into the supposed Russian collusion and its beginnings. And all of it points back to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

According to the indictment, Sussman went to the FBI in September of 2016 to reveal a connection between Hillary’s then-opponent Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank. And at the time, it seemed that Sussman was merely a concerned citizen doing the right thing based on information he had learned from a couple of his clients, which were kept anonymous.

However, as the investigation has found out, Sussman was anything but concerned.

In fact, he was instead doing the bidding of Clinton. Those two clients turned out to be none other than the presidential campaign of Clinton herself and a high-ranking US technology executive. In addition, it was revealed that the firm as a whole, Perkins Coie, has some pretty deep ties to the Democratic Party.

As the indictment reads, “Sussman’s false statement misled the FBI General Counsel and other FBI personnel concerning the political nature of his work and deprived the FBI of information that might have permitted it more fully to assess and uncover the origins of the relevant data and technical analysis, including the identities and motivations of Sussman’s clients.”

Additionally, the investigation found that Sussman had also taken his “suspicions” about the Trump-Russia collusion to the media, who naturally ran with it and made it into the nationwide hoax it is today.

Now, while these facts, or at least the idea of them, are nothing new to most of us on the political right, for Brand, they are rather alarming, and all the evidence needed that the Democratic Party and political left is not the justice-seeking, all-inclusive, and truth purveying party they claim to be.

In a video posted on YouTube by Brand on Thursday, the comedian said, “Think about how much media you watched. Me, a person who I think, broadly speaking, is from the left – a liberal, certainly not a Trump-supporting Republican, with respect to those of you who are – I find myself in awe, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and startled by these revelations.”

He went on to note that the media “bombarded” us with the story that Trump has somehow cheated his way to the top and was an illegitimate president. And as such, the political left had attacked him to undo a terrible wrong done to the American people. But now, with this new evidence revealed, Trump was not only found to be innocent but correct all along about just how corrupt the establishment of the left had begun.

Brand explained that he wanted to believe in the political left, in diversity, inclusivity, and social justice, as his values and standards connect closely with those ideas. However, his ability “to trust their integrity” has since dissolved, thanks to evidence that proves they were and possibly still are willing to do whatever it takes “to meet certain ends and aims.”

Take the Hunter Biden laptop scandal or the sexual harassment allegations against Joe Biden. Brand now worries that their “totemic” topics of climate change and social justice are nothing more than cover stories for “ordinary, regular corruption,” especially now that they are the ones in power…

Welcome to the light, Brand.


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  1. Well its about time the elite in Hollywood are finding out the lies of the deep left. The news media along with Clinton and whomever else are involved need to be arrested and tried. So tired of them always getting away with the corruption.

  2. Thank GOD, they are starting to wake up!!!! They are realizing all the lies that da Demorats have been along. They will never know how to tell the truth and take responsibility for all their mistakes!!
    Also, waking up to how they want to go trillio of steps backwards. Instead of working toward the future of our children and the generation to come.
    AMERICA was a STRONG COUNTRY!! All countries respected AMERICA!! Now, they can’t trust us, because what Biden has done in Afghanistan and our BORDER!!! Stop racist, communist, masks, shots ( mandating)

    Let’s get back our FREEDOM, COUNDRY!!! Let’s get STRONG AGAIN

  3. What is amazing to me is that anyone with a brain would believe the rhetoric of the left. It makes no sense! If they would just look at other “socialist” (communism, in actuality) countries, they would see how bad it would probably become (i.e., Argentina). Trump had it right: with all the corruption in our government, they want total power so that they become defacto kings/emperors. It is all about power and how it corrupts. We finally get a President who wants nothing but to make our country great for its citizens and the left and leftist media do nothing but tear him down. How many Presidents do you recall that would insist that their paycheck be used for good rather than taking it himself? I fervently hope that either he or one of his children will again take up the mantle of “America First,” and leave a legacy of good and honest instead of evil and corrupt.

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