Vaccine Mandate Is Perfect Cover for Biden’s Sins in Afghanistan

Joe Biden will try just about anything to keep the focus on himself and the horrible situations he has created for the country. His reluctance to solve the southern border mess and admit his mistakes in Afghanistan has earned him zero respect from anyone who would have anything to do with him. But instead of admitting that he is the worst president of all time, all he can do is invent cover stories to keep the focus off of himself.

The lazy president works hard at keeping his nose clean. Senator Ted Cruz mentioned that Biden’s vaccine mandate to impose on the private businesses is a cover story. It is designed to keep all attention off the messes that the president has created.

Ted Cruz calls Biden’s mandate “unconstitutional.” The president lacks the authority to force any person to do what is otherwise a personal choice.

Barack Obama tried to force the private sector to purchase personal health insurance, and if anyone refused, they would face stiff penalties. The matter ended up in court, and it was determined that Obama could not force people to buy insurance if they chose not to. And Joe Biden is going down the same path.

Biden’s illegal mandate will essentially force businesses that employ over 100 people to force them to get the COVID vaccine. It completely ignores anyone that has ever had the virus, and it would force those that do not want the vaccine to submit to weekly testing. Biden would instead create a nation problem than face the horrors of the mess in Afghanistan.

Ted Cruz blasted Biden by stating that “They want to change the topic from Afghanistan. It’s why Biden issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate because he wanted to change the topic from the disaster in Afghanistan.”

Biden cannot afford to be removed from his position as president, and it would mean that his party will have failed and would find themselves fighting for power in the midterm elections. The handwriting is already on the wall, and his demise is coming soon as Republicans gain strength in crucial seats in the House.

Ted Cruz maintains that his mandate is going to lose in court. Biden sits in a position where he needs his media to come to his aid and start making it seem like what he is doing is for the greater good. But to give up personal freedoms to Joe Biden means that they will never be given back.

He created the mandate to get the attention off of his mess in Afghanistan. But Republicans are not going to let him get away with it. He has already met with large corporations that have agreed to force their people to get the COVID vaccine. And he needs to get it done right away before the Supreme Court gets involved and tells him he cannot force people to comply with his wishes.

Cruz is right when he mentions that Biden’s decisions are all about his political career, and he is ready to sacrifice American lives to get ahead in Washington.

Biden could not bring himself to make the tough decisions that needed to be made regarding Afghanistan. The Democratic Party is notorious for making messes and trying to cover them up. When their members mess up in the office, the media comes to their aid and tries to help blow over the matter, so the country stops thinking about it.

The Biden administration deserted Americans and left them in the hands of the enemy. There is no more significant threat to America right now than the president, and he has proven that he does not care.

The nasty media will never attack one of their own. Had this been a Republican president that left Americans behind and killed an innocent family in a drone strike, the media would have demanded justice. And the House indeed would have already agreed on articles of impeachment.

American allies cannot trust Joe Biden now that he has ruined Afghanistan. China has grown more aggressive, and it is just a matter of time before push Biden complex enough that he will crumble to their wishes. Ted Cruz said it best that when a president is weak aggressive forces will show up.

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