Biden’s Nomination for ATF Gets Burned at the Stake

Joe Biden has the most challenging time picking people that are qualified to work on a team. The ones he picked early on to be on his administration struggle to accomplish much of anything. But his choice for the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has ticked people off, which has kept him from gaining the support needed to be confirmed into the position.

David Chipman ranks right up there with conspiracy theorists. He has views that would take the teeth out of law enforcement and would otherwise destroy the enforcement of America.

He has proposed that the Secret Service agents do not need to carry guns; he wants to ban semi-automatic rifles and simply other insane ideas.

He was put on record stating that people who own guns should only have to fire them “if the zombies start to appear.” Forget about the murderer and the thief trying to break in. Only zombies can be targeted. Chipman is part of that small population that believes a zombie apocalypse is going to take place.

He was also open to the idea of letting felons have guns. But he is also in favor of taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. He is a typical Democrat that wants to disarm the public and give tools to violent criminals to take advantage of the weak. He advocates gun control based on the Waco siege and all other kinds of wacky nonsense.

The sorry liberal was also said to accuse an ATF agent of cheating on the admittance exam. The agent was applying for the position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge. Chipman is also accused of withholding information and statements from law enforcement. And this man is the best that Biden could find for the position.

But when a corrupted president wants to work with others, he will pick people that do not have an honest bone left in them. The man has lied to lawmakers in the past, and it stands to reason that he would continue that practice as director of the ATF department.

Chipman received so much negative support that the old president removed him as his nominee. Anders Hagstrom wrote that “The administration had indicated last week that they would pull Chipman’s nomination after Chipman failed to garner enough support from Democrats to lead the ATF.” The man was so bad that the Democrats could not support him.

Members of the Senate had to write letters to Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell telling them that they would not vote for the man. They noted that he is a man who will violate Americans’ right to own guns, and he is a smoking gun himself that is best left in the shadows.

The letter stated very clearly that “In October 2018, Chipman argued in favor of subjecting all AR-15s and potentially all semi-automatic rifles to regulation under the National Firearms Act. As a former agent of the ATF, Chipman knows all too well that such action would effectively ban the most popular rifle in America as well as most other items regulated under the National Firearms Act.” He is not a friend of the right to own guns.

The part that goes against Biden is that the man should not nominate someone that will not stand up for freedom. It is not up to the ATF director to attack the Second Amendment, and the Constitution is not something that can be torn apart whenever a person has a personal problem with parts of it.

It was also reported that Chipman gave false information about what happened in Waco, Texas when the cult leader was making threats. Chipman had a hand in the tragic events that led to the death of 76 people. He is a man that cannot be trusted with the integrity of weapons in America.

The letter sent to Senate leaders branded Chipman as a threat to America. He will not uphold the rights found in America. He is the choice that Biden was hoping would be the means to bring about the socialist regime long desired by progressive Democrats. But he is so bad that many liberals could not stomach what he had to offer as a person.

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