Joe Biden Gets Trolled by Group of Little Kids

Joe Biden is the only politician serving today that can enter and room and completely forget where he had just come from. And those few moments that he does remember what he is supposed to talk about, he bashes and tears down the people that either served or gave their lives for freedom. The crazy insensitive president stands for terror and cannot bring himself to support the United States the way a president is supposed to do.

The snarky president took to three different stages at the 9/11 memorial sites to give speeches that everyone thought would be uplifting and would promote unity in the face of terrorism. But what everyone got has another toe-sucking moment from a man losing his mind.

Biden has to read his speeches prepared by an unknown source ahead of when he gives them. All he has to do is read off of a screen and then answer later for the things said. But at one of the sites, he screwed up royally and would get in some serious trouble for what he had said.

When his foot-in-mouth moment had come to an end, everyone thought he would run and hide like he usually does. But Biden’s old sniffer located a group of kids, and he could not help himself. He gracefully shuffled over to the kids and decided to do a photo with them. But what he did not understand is that the kids were there to push him over the edge with the Donald Trump gear that they were wearing.

Several of the kids had put on gear that stated, “Make America Great Again” and “I’ll be back.” They were there to tease the president, and when he chose to snap a picture, that moment would haunt him for years to come.

It is at this moment that Joe Biden’s nose takes over, and his brain checks out. Biden has his arms around a little girl; he has removed the mask from his face and is oblivious that Trump supporters surround him.

Joe Biden blew his excuses to keep the pandemic going and push illegal mandates on everyone with one photo. Masking up and vaccinations do not mean much when he is around little kids that he likes to smell.

These little Trump heroes sent the old man a message. They told him that the next generation wants nothing to do with what he represents. They will support people who serve like Donald Trump has done as he focused on the people and not the terrorists looking to kill for sport.

Biden missed an opportunity to speak with some of the youth in America about what they wanted to see for their future. Instead, he took a moment to make it all about himself. He politicized the moment later and would mention that every needed to fight against what he calls “autocrats.” And what he meant by that statement still is a mystery.

These kids did not care about what Biden was doing. They were there to have a good laugh at his expense. They risked being sniffed so they could send a clear message that they support Donald Trump. And they want to have nothing to do with the communism that the old man wants to bring to the shores of America.

Biden said after the moment that these kids wanted to know “for them, in the next four, five, six, ten years, demonstrate that democracy is going to work?” That is not what they wanted to know. They wanted to know when Biden would leave and when a real man, like Donald Trump, would take over and make their future bright instead of a miserable dark one.

Biden is setting up a future where democracy will no longer exist as it does today. It will be a water-downed version of the communism found worldwide in countries where it has failed.

No part of what Biden wants to have happened will be good for these little kids. In Biden’s world, they will be wearing Islamic facial coverings for the rest of their lives, and the girls will be sold off into slavery. Biden’s future for America is fashioned a nation ready for Islamic terrorists to move in and take over.

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