Joe Biden Is Exposed as a Fraudulent Liar Regarding COVID-19 Promises

Governor Ron DeSantis shakes his head in disbelief over the brainless decisions that Joe Biden is trying to press onto the American people illegally. The old man’s unconstitutional vaccination mandate has left him wide open for attack and criticism. Whatever sense of patriotism is left in his head has long evaporated and been replaced with dictatorial efforts.

DeSantis took the fight right to the president after the old man tried to make the Floridian governor look like a fool for his comments against the illegal mandate. Biden would end up looking like the enemy by the end of DeSantis’s speech.

The favored governor stated, “Well I would just say generally when you’re taking action that’s unconstitutional, that threatens the jobs of the people in my state, many, many thousands of jobs, I’m standing for them.”

The Republicans are standing with the people and fighting for their rights. The Democrats under Biden have taken a path that serves selfish interest groups and people with a lot of money. They would rather tread all over the general population than do the job they were elected to do by their brainwashed followers.

DeSantis’s point was that he and the other Republican governors are planning on stopping the federal government from overstepping its authority. DeSantis pointed out the Biden has only attacked the red states. He noted that regarding Florida, the president violates parents’ right to choose what is best for their kids; he wants to stifle businesses. Now here he comes telling people to get vaccinated or face awful penalties.

DeSantis also pointed out that Biden is even facing opposition from within his supporters. And yet, the old man continues to ignore and forge ahead like his ways are the path everyone should walk.

Biden has always talked about leadership and wanting to unite the country together. But his actions over the past year have only divided people. He has caused family members to hate each other over the vaccine issue. He has caused massive amounts of violence to break out between people who wear masks and those who don’t.

DeSantis was very critical when he stated Yet, here he comes from Washington, D.C., instituting an unprecedented mandate, which even his people have acknowledged in the past is not constitutional. That’s not leadership.”

Biden is part of a group of people that cannot ever admit that they are wrong. The Democrats make a lot of mistakes, and they blame them on other people. They would rather bury their bumbles than work at fixing them and making things better. Instead, they would try and make up excuses and pin things on people that expose their lies than fess up and admit their failures.

The illegal kids coming over the border is the perfect example of Biden burying his head in the sand. Instead of admitting that it was a mistake to open the borders, he has tried to box up the kids and keep them contained in lousy accommodations instead of locking down the border and going back to Trump-era regulations. It would take the Supreme Court to fix the mess Biden has made down south.

The governor also pointed out that “He’s always trying to blame other people, blame other states. This is a guy that promised when he ran for president, that he would shut down the virus. If you look now there’s 300% more cases in this country today than a year ago when we had no vaccines at all. So, his policies are not working.”

Ron DeSantis also pointed out that Biden is ignoring the fact of natural immunity. Many of these people do not need the vaccine because they have beaten COVID-19. But Biden will never admit that he deliberately forgot about what the body does when fighting viral infections.

DeSantis pointed out that Biden’s methods are “totally counterproductive, and I think it will ultimately lose in court. But before that there needs to be action taken to protect the people of our state and hopefully the entire United States. Nobody should lose their job based on this decision.”

But if Biden has his way, he will try and push the issue. He will try and control people, and it will bite him in the end.

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