Prince Andrew Runs to Mommy Dearests Castle to Avoid Pedophile Charges in the Epstein Case

Trying to stay current with the news is an overwhelming task these days. As a result, our focus is changed almost daily as certain news events that were once the talk of the town take a backseat to more current and pressing issues. One such event from the recent past involves the infamous Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophilia pals whose names have yet to be revealed but no doubt will be when Epstein’s sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell takes the stand again.

Being the exception, one of Epstein’s former clients had his face splashed across too many incriminating photos to deny his sick affliction with deflowering little budding girls. It was said that Prince Andrew would drench his victims in his own vile sweat as it profusely poured from his grotesque naked body. Epstein might be dead and Maxwell under lock and key, but the prince is on the verge of dehydration as an endless river of stink keeps flowing from his pores.

There’s one more thing about him that’s become increasingly more obvious. Andrew is a withering coward. After receiving wind of one of his victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, getting ready to have him served with papers, the prince left the country to avoid further embarrassment. In no uncertain terms does Andrew want to take the stand in the civil lawsuit that’s getting ready to go down against him.

The prince knows he’s gonna lose which will further discredit the Royal Family and place him behind bars on pedophile charges, making his time in incarceration all the more pleasant for the other inmates, just not him. Wink…

With a tally-ho, Andrew scooted off to his mommy dearest’s castle. He and his ex-wife Sara Ferguson, who oddly still live together, were captured in photos by a British newspaper as their driver was heading north towards Balmoral, Scotland.

So far Andrew has been able to elude multiple attempts at being served both at home and at the Royal Lodge where family members go to take a breather from their rough and tumble lifestyle. Staying on the run, of course, points directly at his guilt.

U.S. attorney David Boies, who represents Giuffre, said it’s not necessarily a requirement that Andrew has the papers placed physically in his hands, but the plan is to do so anyway as a means of humiliation and to bolster greater public interest in what’s about to happen. Andrew deserves nothing less than having all eyes upon him as he’s publically disgraced.

The castle in Scotland sits on 50,000 acres surrounded by farmland and a dense forest, and security is tighter than a ziplock bag. Short of coming in by chopper and risk getting shot down, Andrew’s in an air-tight bubble for now. The queen has made no bones about Andrew being her favorite child and she’s not about to let anyone take her mamma’s boy away. Who’s gonna nurse her baby if that happens?

The Royal Family’s pack of lawyers have warned the media to stay away from the castle and don’t even try to publish any drone pics they may manage to snap.

A reliable source told the British newspaper: “Andrew was going stir-crazy inside Royal Lodge for the past few weeks. He wasn’t going horse riding and couldn’t step outside because of attempts to serve him with the legal papers. He knows he is far safer up at Balmoral on the queen’s estate.” Poor guy…

Despite a widely circulated picture of a grinning Prince Andrew standing in a bedroom doorway with his arm around Giuffre, he claims to not remember ever even meeting her. The prince has not had and continues to not have any comments to make.

It’s overly apparent that the sweaty lecherous royal scumbag is as guilty as the day is long. His money and influence convinced him he was exempt from the law. So he can run and he can hide like the pansy-ass he’s proven himself to be, but if the hammer falls against him, whether he sees it slam or not, game over. Pucker those cheeks, buddy…

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