Texas Abortion Clinics Killing As Many Babies As They Can Before It Becomes Illegal

The Texas Democrats are crying about the new law that is set to take effect that bans most abortions in the state. They believe that a person should be able to kill their child at any stage of development. The new law forbids the murder of a child once the heartbeat is heard.

The liberals rushed to kill as many kids as they could before the law took effect this past week. One clinic alone saw the death of 67 different souls in under 17 hours. They pushed their customers through the doors without any thought about their health or mental stability.

The liberals have no respect for life. When the law passed, women took to the roadways and made their way into the clinic to free themselves of having to give birth to a child. They did not want to the little life-disrupting their routine and party habits.

One report stated that “It was 8 p.m. on Tuesday when Marva Sadler looked at the patients waiting in the lobby, at the list of patients waiting to return, at even more patients waiting outside in cars surrounded by protesters — and realized they might not get to everyone.” They were killing unborn children right up until the deadline.

The liberal news wanted people to think that the law was a tragedy because it would keep people from having the right to choose. They wanted people to think that Governor Abbott is maliciously trapping women to their unborn children and pinning them to a choice that they did not want to make. But at no time did one liberal ever consider the choice to live that the baby would have chosen.

The clinic was said to have averaged eight deaths per hour. Only one doctor was working, which means they did not care about the women’s health or the little souls that could have survived the murder attempt on their life.

The liberals tried to create a mood of sadness as a known drug user could not kill her child. The woman that they tried to use as their martyr was headed to prison and had three kids. So, to keep things simple, she thought killing an unborn baby would be the answer.

The problem with their story is that this woman would not have been able to get the procedure done because of the existing 24-hour waiting period. The liberals needed another goat to push their sadness on and create a mood of sympathy to put pressure on Governor Abbott.

Sixty-seven souls perished in that clinic throughout the day. A 17-hour day with one doctor working was enough to create the carnage. The report stated the clinic had “seen 60 people who had taken medication to abort at home to confirm that — yes, the process was complete, and they wouldn’t be left in limbo.” Another report also stated that some women were killing their kids at home, so they needed to be seen to complete the process.

The liberal killers were also made out to be some twisted heroes. They were said to have been lamenting that more women could not get their procedures done. The clinic had to rush through as many as they could before midnight because they could face civil penalties once the law went into effect.

Another news agency reported that “In the novel legal strategy, the state Legislature designed the law to prevent government officials from directly enforcing it. The move was meant to make it much more difficult to bring a pre-enforcement challenge because there are not the usual government officials to hold accountable in court. Instead, the law allows private citizens — anywhere in the country — to bring civil suits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the ban.”

The liberals are more upset about the penalties they could face than about the life they had just killed. They are afraid that anyone in the nation could sue them or press charges against them for helping to pay for an abortion. They could see fines of $10,000 or more based on their role in the killing process.

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