Supreme Court Demands Biden Start up Remain in Mexico Program

Biden’s catch and release program are great for fish but not so great for American citizens. Biden opened the borders to everyone that wanted to cross without any trouble. The signal he gave to criminals and illegals was it was time to invade America. He was also quick to destroy the one program that Donald Trump left because he did not want Trump to get the credit.

Elimination of the “Remain in Mexico” program was the staple promise of Biden’s fraudulent campaign. When he entered the Oval Office and sat down, he got out his pen and erased Trump’s name from the halls of history.

Biden thought he had finally won, but there was one problem with his thought processes. He had forgotten that the Supreme Court still exists and would have something to report once the issue reached their courtroom.

Biden tried to get the program struck down once a lower court reactivated it. He complained about the amount of work it would take to reinstate the program and keep it running. But that would not be his job since Kamala Harris was supposed to be the border czar.

The Supreme Court is made up of people that care about the country. The “Remain in Mexico” program is the one thing that the border agents could count on to help them control the border. It worked so well that the agents were able to keep the border secure and help people trying to come across for legitimate reasons.

Biden is licking his wounds after “The Supreme Court on Tuesday said the Biden administration likely violated federal law in trying to end a Trump-era program that forces people to wait in Mexico while seeking asylum in the U.S.” His violation of the law makes him eligible for impeachment once the nasty Democrats are removed from protecting him with their majority.

The report stated that. “Justice Samuel Alito ordered a brief delay to allow the full court time to consider the administration’s appeal to keep the ruling on hold while the case continues to make its way through the courts.”

The Democrats maintain that every single person coming up from the south is seeking asylum. But the truth is that most of them are criminals seeking to make their way back to their gangs. The program weeded them out and stopped the flow enough for the agents to get a handle on securing the border. But Biden comes along and screws it all up.

Biden’s approach to the issue mirrors what Obama did while he was in office. Their approach was that illegals were given a court date and then released into the country. They knew that their asylum story would never hold up in court, so they would not show up for the court date. But by then, they had disappeared into the population and could not be found because Biden failed to provide a way of finding them.

The illegals know the system and play him for an idiot as they abused the system. Millions of people have played Biden and moved northward with an open invitation to cross the border. While the program was in place, many of them refused to go to the border because they knew they would be allowed in. So, they waited for a change in leadership, and then they started their journey.

As the court reported, Biden failed in his defense because he “failed to show a likelihood of success on the claim that the memorandum rescinding the Migrant Protection Protocols was not arbitrary and capricious.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is the man that got Biden to be held accountable. He said, “After we won at the federal court and the Circuit Court of Appeals, we have again prevailed over Biden’s Department of Justice at the Supreme Court tonight – the Migrant Protection Protocols must be reinstated. This is a huge win for border security and the rule of law and highlights our efforts to continually fight back on federal government overreach.”

The border will be secure once again because the Republicans in America have prevailed over the poisonous liberal party. Their actions are selfish based and do not reflect the will of the people.

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