Biden Chooses to Phone a Friend to Help Answer His Questions

For the past year, Joe Biden has been seen reading from a teleprompter. And as his dementia continued to progress, it was evident that he had questions prepared ahead of time and detailed responses that he was supposed to read as each question was asked in order. But his insanity reached new heights this week as he asked to phone a friend per instructions he was given to follow.

Joe Biden’s pride boasted that he had the most significant amount of experience in the country to be president. With so much knowledge he claimed to have had, one would think he would not have screwed up so much. The facts show that Biden thinks too highly of himself. His pride and pomp were the basis for his fall.

The swampy president is full of swamp gas. He thinks that he has been around when significant decisions were made just because he has the answer to everything. The man stood in the shadows, and he thinks it makes him all knowledgeable. There is a big difference between watching decisions being made and making them.

Biden should be able to answer basic questions about things he is involved with. But his dementia gets in the way and makes him the laughingstock of the country. And it all came out when he revealed that someone in the background tells him which reporter to call on for questions.

The help to phone a friend is supposed to be reserved for a game show. But Biden uses it when it comes time to talk with people. He no longer can think on a high enough level to give a speech and think through random questions.

Biden is a tired old man that needs to take his place with the aging in a nursing facility or under memory care. The sad attempt by him to give a speech was a hallmark of embarrassment. At the very end of his sad little speech, he said, “We have so much to do. It’s within our capacity to do it; we just have to remain steadfast. Steadfast. We will complete our mission, and we will continue after our troops have withdrawn to find means by which we can find any American who wishes to get out of Afghanistan. We will find them and we will get them out.”

What appeared to be a moment of fresh air turned into “Ladies and gentlemen, (they) gave me a list here the first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell NBC News.” He admitted that the masters were telling him which people he could communicate with.

Calling on selected reporters is nothing new in the world of White House Press conferences. But when a person is standing in the background, telling the speaker who to call on is a bit overkill. Biden needed to phone his friend to find out the correct order to call on reporters.

The typical pattern is to set a tone of respect and friendliness during the question time before digging into the rogue reporters. But for Biden, he does not have permission to call on reporters because he cannot give truthful answers and keep from revealing the country’s secrets.

The media would have everyone believe that Joe Biden is mentally on top of the world. But Donald Trump set a new standard and level of professionalism when he was in office. He dominated the press because he was mentally in tune with the issues facing the nation. He called on the reporters and even called them out for the fake news they were reporting.

But for the old man, he has to be told who to call on and then what to say in response to a very well-organized question. And the media is in on the duplicity since they need to protect their old grandpa.

Joe Biden is too old to be a president. His mental ability and capacity are ravaged by old age that he cannot care for himself. And when his wife has to tell him to be quiet, it is time for him to step aside and save whatever dignity he has left.

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