Trouble in Paradise? Here’s How AOC is Threatening the Jobs of High Profile Dems and What Might Happen if she Doesn’t Stop

Few would argue that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t shaken up the Democrat party and even fewer would probably say that it was a good thing.

Conservatives’ opinions on AOC are broad and varied since on the one hand there’s a deep understanding that her liberal ideals are incredibly damaging, but on the other, it’s clear that her plans reveal the lunacy of the left and the progressives that are part of a much greater problem.

Still, however, there’s no mistaking the smell of fame on the Latina from the Bronx with her millions of social media fans and always entertaining live streams, and the leadership of the Democratic party hasn’t had an easy time keeping her narrative contained.

AOC’s meteoric rise to prominence has been encouraging for some and troubling for others. Despite her fringe ideas on many issues, she has gathered to herself a posse of other leftist lawmakers, primarily women, who support her and whose voters have also rallied behind the leftist lawmaker.

So, when the question of what the two-term congresswoman’s next move might be, AOC made the socially savvy choice of leaving people in suspense, and everyone ate it up … except the person with the most to lose.

According to a report in The Independent Journal Review, AOC was asked about and has not ruled out challenging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in the 2022 primary for his Senate seat. This would be a huge feat to take on, considering Schumer’s notoriety, tenure in the Senate, not to mention the normally difficult leap from the lower to the upper house of Congress.

The Bronx congresswoman was asked about her intentions during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash during the inaugural episode of her show “Being” which aired Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The congresswoman laughed and said that she wasn’t currently working on challenging Schumer but she wouldn’t commit to not running against Congress’ upper chamber majority leader in the future.

“I know it drives everybody nuts. But the way that I really feel about this, and the way that I really approach my politics and my political career is that I do not look at things and I do not set my course positionally,” Ocasio-Cortez told Bash.

“I know there’s a lot of people who do not believe that. But I really– I can’t operate the way that I operate and do the things that I do in politics while trying to be aspiring to other things or calculating to other things,” she added. “I make decisions based on what I think our people need, and my community needs, and so I’m not commenting on that.”

This interview comes after she was asked on Jan. 4 if she’d thought of running for Schumer’s seat in 2022, to which “I’m a no bulls*** kind of person. I’m not playing coy or anything like that.”

“I’m still very much in a place where I’m trying to decide what is the most effective thing I can do to help our Congress, our [political] process, and our country actually address the issues of climate change, health care, wage inequality, etc,” she added.

Does Schumer have anything to worry about? Who knows. There’s a lot to be said for holding on to “the devil you know,” however Schumer’s age and connections might be causing him to mask his true intentions, whereas AOC is very vocal about her crazy and leaves it out on display.

Think of it like this: would you rather deal with a person who suffers from insanity or one who enjoys it? Because those are the choices facing the good people of New York (and the bad ones) in 2022 if AOC takes her propaganda state-wide.

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