CDC Uses The Term Pregnant People To Push COVID-19 Vaccines During Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recently updated its website to talk about recommending the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. They seemed to ignore the biology and use the term “pregnant people” to refer to pregnancy, instead of biological women who can get pregnant. The site was talking about the increased risks of pregnancy outcomes with COVID-19, stating that “pregnant people with COVID-19” are at an increased risk of preterm birth. They recommended that people who are pregnant get the vaccine, which triggered social media outrage.

“Although the overall risk of severe illness is low, pregnant and recently pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 when compared with non-pregnant people. Severe illness includes illness that requires hospitalization, intensive care, need for a ventilator or special equipment to breathe, or illness that results in death,” the CDC site reads.

Even CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky referred to “pregnant people” in her tweet, adding that the rise in cases, vaccine hesitancy, and increased risk of severe illness for pregnant people make vaccination more urgent than ever. She went on to suggest that the benefits of receiving the vaccination during pregnancy outweigh “any known or potential risks.”

The move was blasted by social media critics who mocked the term ‘pregnant people.’ Radio and TV host Dana Loesch put “pregnant people” in quotes and adds that the CDC wants you to follow the science. Fox News’ Katie Pavlick also writes that the CDC wants you to take them “very seriously,” even as they perpetuate the biological and scientific narrative that people rather than women can get pregnant.

Other social media users just pointed to how much of a mockery the CDC is for getting Florida numbers wrong yet calling pregnant women ‘pregnant people.’ Journalist Tim Treacher suggested that they can’t say ‘women’ because science-deniers will just yell at them. “Yet they want us to trust them,” he adds.

This was first brought up as an issue at the Senate Finance Committee hearing about the Biden Administration’s 2022 HHS budget request. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was confronted by Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford about removing the word “mother” and inserting the word “birthing people.”

“I also notice you changed a term in your budget where you shifted in places from using the term ‘mother’ to ‘birthing people’ rather than ‘mother.’ Can you help me get a good definition of ‘birthing people?’” Lankford asked.

When Becerra was asked to give a more specific definition of the term “birthing people,” he couldn’t say “mother.” He just grinned and said he didn’t know how else to explain it. Lankford pressed Becerra again and said he was taken aback when he read that the term ‘mother’ was gone and replaced with ‘birthing people.’ He said he didn’t know if this was the direction they were going and if there were any regulatory changes related to that or for the purpose of that.

Becerra dodged the question again and said he would have to take a look at the language used in the budget. He said it simply reflects the “work being done” but did not further define the reason for the change or what the change even means. At this point, even the radical ‘woke’ left can’t justify their claims or hold a valid argument. They know it’s against science and nothing but word salad for the language they want to use.

According to the CDC, scientists did not find an increased risk of miscarriage among the women who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. But others have argued that there still isn’t enough data to make a full recommendation. The agency’s announcement comes after months of ambiguous language regarding pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sascha Ellington, the lead of the CDC’s emergency preparedness and response team, said she hopes this is a lesson fur future vaccine trials and that they really “missed the mark” to get information and data pre-authorization for the studies. She also pointed out how there is a “surprisingly low” vaccination rate amongst pregnant women, with only 23% of the women receiving at least one dose of the shot.

One Twitter user even asked how they are supposed to trust a vaccine that’s been out for “five minutes” when even pain pill bottles have warning labels on them for pregnant women.

“I’m pregnant right now and I can barely take a pain pill without some warning label saying consult my doc…but THIIIISSSS! THIS…that’s been out for 5 MINUTES, I’m supposed to inject in me and trust that your lying organization says that me and my baby will be safe?!?” One user wrote.

Another user asked how a fetus can handle a vaccine that is still too dangerous for a child under twelve.

At the end of the day, the CDC is too afraid to say “pregnant women.” How are we supposed to trust them with vaccine recommendations when they can’t even acknowledge the basics of biology?

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