Obama’s Bday Bash Had the Neighbors Worried

The pandemic is spinning out of control again…or is it? According to the liberals, we should be practicing social distancing and mask-wearing as we did in the heart of 2020. However, they’re not even listening to their own advice.

Barack Obama was going to celebrate his 60th-birthday in style, regardless of what the delta variant was doing. The party took place on Martha’s Vineyard – and neighbors openly talked about how terrified they were to have hundreds of unmasked people descending onto the area.

The responsible thing would have been to cancel the party.

The problem with being “responsible” is that it’s overrated in the eyes of liberals. They would rather set the rules and expect everyone else to follow them. The golden child of the Democratic Party can’t possibly be expected to follow the rules.

The original guest list contained over 400 people. Obama thought maybe that would get out of hand – so he scaled it back to only 200.

Now, does that mean that everyone followed the rule of wearing masks indoors? It would be nice to think so, but enough photos circulated to show that was clearly not the case.

Obama showed off that he has a number of celebrities as friends – with the guest list containing such names as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and Bradley Cooper. Massive tents were set up for the soiree.

According to Obama’s spokeswoman, “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

This was supposed to make everyone feel better that Obama kept the event small. “Family and close friends” for most people would mean 20 to 30 people. However, people were flying in by helicopter and private jet. What the statement should have said is that Obama invited 200 of his closest friends and family members to his birthday party.

Politicians, golfing buddies, and celebrities alike were in Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate with the former president. There was no way that he was going to turn anyone away – that would be rude, and Obama doesn’t so rude. What he does do, however, is ignore the rules that are set up for every other American.

This is the former president’s 60th-birthday bash, and he was clearly not going to let a little thing like the delta variant stand in his way. So, when there’s suddenly an outbreak of COVID amid Hollywood heavy hitters, we shouldn’t look toward Obama for someone to blame, right?

Imagine being Obama’s neighbors. They see the large gathering – and even though Obama said it would be “family and close friends,” the large tents set up on his waterfront property prove otherwise. Residents of the island were concerned – and some even spoke to the New York Times to say that they were happy to hear that the party would be toned down.

“Everyone is very nervous about getting together at all,” comments one local, Rose B. Styron. And yet, Obama had no issue at all with his ever-expanding guest list. After all, it just wouldn’t be a birthday bash if the former president couldn’t have John Legend there to sing to him, right?

Well, at least we have a crowning example of why everyone else in the country is allowed to have unmasked get-togethers. After all, if former President Obama can do it, we all can…right?

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