Dems Are Losing The Argument That Voter ID Is Racist, Michelle Obama & Stacey Abrams Ask If You’re In

The radical left has been pushing for proof of vaccine documentation and other forms of self-identification, but when it comes to voter Identification it’s considered racist. In a new “When We All Vote” organization video pushing for legislation to allow a federal takeover of elections, former first lady Michelle Obama and Georgia Democratic gubernatorial Stacy Abrams are working overtime to change the future of the nation (and not in a good way).

The video was nearly two minutes long and talked about the “dangerous legislation” being pushed in red states to limit the freedom to vote, cast ballots, and have votes counted. They said the democracy and our vote are “under attack,” as well as the very foundation of the nation. Abrams emphasized that the fight is about the “freedom to vote and the ability to make voices heard,” no matter who the president is. Whenever a liberal claims that something is free from politics, it usually means the opposite.

“Many of these proposals would disproportionately impact black, brown, young, and working-class voters, and voters with disabilities. But they must not know who we are. Our work is just beginning,” Abrams said.

She emphasized that she would be calling on Congress members every day to check the voter registration status and ensure that all members are registered. The only thing Abram’s “Fair Fight Action” accomplishes is taking away the state’s rights.

Obama emphasized that the fight is about “our families, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our communities,” adding that it’s not going to be easy but that nothing this important ever is. The video concluded with both Abrams and Obama asking, “Are you in?”

The response to the video was overwhelmingly negative, with two political leaders on an endless day-to-day pursuit for more power. The Constitution clearly prohibits the federal takeover of elections but Democrats seem to forget that part of the Tenth Amendment.

The support isn’t much greater in their “fight for voting rights.” Texas Democrats recently flew off in a political performance to convince Congress to hear their case. They fled the state of Texas and their obligations as elected officials to avoid voting on a bill. After Dems were unsuccessful in convincing Congress, several are now vacationing in Portugal.

Former Texas GOP Chair Lt. Col. Allen West slammed the mainstream media for their lack of coverage on the Texas Dems and pointed out the hypocrisy of when Sen. Ted Cruz left the state during the winter storm. He said there wasn’t even a special session at the time and he didn’t have legislative duties to fulfill.

West also points out that the members are still getting $221 per day, which is per diem on the taxpayer’s dime to go to Portugal. They have taken every opportunity to regard missing votes, but it’s alarming and quite surprising that this doesn’t come as a fraud on the citizens of Texas. At this point, they are doing it because they can get away with it.

“We have a special session here where they’re supposed to be doing the business of the people of Texas, their duly elected representatives, and their constituents. My own representative, rather, Bowers is up there in D.C., as a matter of fact, but instead, they run away to Washington, D.C. and now they take a vacation,” West said.  

It’s clear that Democrats care less about voting rights and more about what it gets them. People continue to try and bypass state boundaries without suffering any consequences and that is nothing but a federal takeover of elections.

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  1. Dems Are Losing The Argument That Voter ID Is Racist, Michelle Obama & Stacey Abrams Ask If You’re In?
    I’ll first start by saying that I am a Mexican/American. Hello ladies Michelle and Stacey, you are black, brown or what ever you want to call yourselves. You can change who you are but what you can change is the type of attitude that you carry around. Like MLK is quoted saying “it’s not the COLOR of your skin that matters, it is your character hat matters.” We are not racist’s, we just don’t like your character, your constant complaining of things not going your way and then summarize it by saying we are racists! We just don’t like you ideas that continue to bring shame and hate to your people. God’s word say love your neighbor as you love yourself. You don’t know how to love so you can’t even love yourself.


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