Twitter Suspends Official Account of Arizona Audit

As a social media giant, Twitter no doubt has specific responsibilities to the public. One of those is that its platform won’t promote dangerous, violent, or misleading information.

And as such, they have to take that responsibility very seriously. I mean, if the left’s claims that Trump is responsible for the January 6 incursion on the Capitol is valid, then Twitter’s platform was used to incite insurrection, violence, and treason.

However, as we all know, the problem is that the terms ‘dangerous’ and ‘misleading’ can have varying definitions depending on who is using them.

Similarly, the platform’s definition of ‘civic integrity’ can also vary, which is why many believe that the official account of the Arizona election audit has been suspended.

Currently, an explanation as to why the account has been suspended has not been given by Twitter. The reasonable one is that it in some way violated their “civic integrity” policy.

As the social media giant’s website states, their “services” cannot be used for “the purpose of manipulation or interfering in elections or other civic processes. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.”

Additionally, the platform retains the rights to “label or reduce the visibility” of any Tweets or users sharing such “misleading” content.

It could be that Twitter sees the @ArizonaAudit account as somehow manipulating or interfering in the 2020 election results, which they most certainly aren’t. To be sure, the results could be changed due to the audit as proof of more and more election fraud and discrepancies in votes continue to be found.

However, as both the auditors and even the Arizona Senate have made clear, the results will do little to change the actual election outcome or who won the presidency. The state’s electors, which were obviously given to now-Democratic President Joe Biden, can’t be recalled, nor can another election be conducted.

The only thing really at stake here is the integrity of the election in Maricopa County.

But as former Trump White House adviser and Newsmax contributor Jason Miller points out, the Arizona audit’s account was not the only one to recently be suspended by Twitter. In addition, the “Audit War Room” accounts for states such as Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, which have all been suspended as well.

Naturally, many have taken this to mean that the social media giant is doing a purge of sorts involving any account which may be contesting the 2020 election results and most notably any that include the word ‘audit,’ just as they did former President Donald Trump’s account when he began stating similar notions.

However, as KNXV-TV reporter Garrett Archer reasons, the recent suspensions may have less to do with the accounts’ ties to audits and more about the fact that the same Twitter user created all five “audit” accounts.

Archer writes, “The obvious narrative of Twitter silencing things it doesn’t agree with has begun swirling around the suspension of the @arizonaaudit account. Be mindful, however, that MULTIPLE audit accounts were suspended that were all set up by the same users. Twitter doesn’t like that.”

He reminds his audience that the process of “doing your own research” first begins with taking on the “most rational explanations” and working towards the irrational, as “silencing those they don’t agree with’ would be considered.

And Archer might certainly have a point. I mean, someone in the halls of Twitter must be able to see reason above party, right? They can’t all be raving liberal lunatics…

In any case, the sudden suspension of a high controversial election audit account is doing little to ease people’s concerns about censorship and their First Amendment rights being intact on the platform, especially after conservative icons like Donald Trump, Candace Owens, and more have been suspended, had posts deleted, or just been thrown out entirely in the last six months.

Then, of course, there are multiple times stories that could hurt Biden or his campaign, such as the infamous Hunter Biden laptop saga, where mysteriously hidden and silenced in record time on the platform.

Suffice it to say that people already have good reason to question Twitter’s motives, and this recent episode, as well as their silence on it, does nothing to help convince us otherwise.

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