GOP Lawmakers Warn That The CDC & Pelosi Are Trying To Become The Political Arm Of The Administration

Sen. Ted Cruz joined other Republican lawmakers in calling out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being “drunk on power” after she implemented new COVID-19 mask mandates in the House. He said if you want to understand how power corrupts people then you need to look no further than the United States Capitol. He said Speaker Pelosi’s order to fine the members of the House was nothing but abusive and unprecedented. At this point, if anyone needs a cognitive test besides President Joe Biden, it’s Speaker Pelosi.

Cruz went on to note that Pelosi is not just disrespecting the Constitution and the democratic system that elects leaders, but the people who work in the Capitol. He said it has not only been “stunning” to see how Democrats twist the facts but how they verify them without any accompanying data.

“The local government Democrats that mandate you must obey the CDC. They throw their hands up and say, “Hey, we’re just following the CDC.” The CDC says “Hey, we’re just making recommendations.” And no one’s accountable for anything. This makes no sense,” Cruz said.

He referenced the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s guidelines that rolled out earlier this week mandating all children to be masked in school, even if they’re vaccinated. It’s not based on any science or medicine. It’s been all politics and teachers’ unions. Cruz adds that it is an individual’s choice to go to work, go to school, go to church, and live your life free of absolute power. Democrats love to boss people around while ignoring how to live properly themselves.

“What Speaker Pelosi is doing is wrong. What the CDC is doing, corrupting science with politics is wrong, and it’s time for the United States Senate in the United States House, to stand on the side of the American people to stand on the side of freedom,” Cruz said.

Other Republicans have also vowed to fight Pelosi’s unconstitutional mask mandate, including Rep. Elise Stefanik who said that the House Republicans will keep fighting against failed far-left policies to get Nancy Pelosi fired “once and for all.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy adds that the country is in a crisis with more crime and higher prices every time they walk into the grocery store. He said the CDC and Pelosi are punishing Americans who’ve done everything they’ve been asked to. He said they’ve become the “political arm” of the administration wanting to control every element of our lives and throw people in jail over refusing to wear a mask. Pelosi even told Capitol Cops to arrest any staff and visitors who refused to wear a mask, which her spokesperson said she did not have the “authority” to call for in the first place.

Pelosi tried to argue that the mask mandate was due to the Delta COVID-19 variant but it was only placed in the House building. The Senate side of the building does not currently have a mask mandate. Only a Democrat would try to argue that one building is more prone to COVID-19 than the next. But that’s the kind of reality Pelosi lives in. One where she makes whatever rules she wants for power. She’s drunk on it.

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