“Let’s Talk This out” Said Biden to the Communist Chinese…They’re Still Laughing

Talk may still be the cheapest method of communication, but in some cases, the outdated method is too old hat to be given even the slightest consideration. But such is not the case with the Biden administration who still think words count for something regardless of who they’re being said to. Even the Communist Chinese.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman had a nice chat with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng. She told them that unless it leads to squabbling and fighting, the U.S. would love to compete against them financially in a vigorous match. She wants us and them to amicably work together for the betterment of the world economy and it would be a hoot to make a game out of it.

In a phone interview with the AP, Sherman said, “There are some things that rise above specific differences that are the global responsibility of great powers.” She asked China if they would be so gracious as to act more like responsible adults and be a little more considerate of the plight of the rest of the world.

The Chinese government has repeatedly said they will under no circumstances cooperate with the ambitions of the U.S. so long as they continue with their unyielding efforts to suppress China’s future development. They’re also a bit testy concerning the whole human rights violations thing with the enslaved Uhghar Muslims. China doesn’t think they’re getting a fair shake and they want the U.S. to stop with the malicious rumors. They’re just Uhghar Muslims anyway…

This wasn’t the first face-to-face talk with the commies since Biden took office. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi in Anchorage, Alaska in March but it didn’t go so well. The two ended up bickering in an exchange of inappropriate words which led to the meeting’s abrupt ending amid exploding neck veins.

Sherman, uncertain of how the chat really went, could only say, “We will see whether, in fact, there’s follow-up and we are able to move another step. There’s no way to know in the early stages of building this relationship whether we will get to all the places that we hoped for.”

Discussions on economic competition may have gone better had Sherman not wandered onto the wrong turf by veering off-topic. She couldn’t resist bringing up what she specifically called “crimes against humanity” regarding the thousands of captive Muslims. Then she threw the conversation into overdrive by bringing up the diminishing democracy in Hong Kong, China’s out of control aggressiveness towards Taiwan, and the South China Sea fiasco. She was on a disastrous downhill roll.

After scolding the Chinese for being bullies on the world playground, she smiled and politely asked for a favor. In retaliation for the U.S. harboring a Chinese tech. exec. who is wanted by Chinese authorities, they locked up some Canadian and American journalists on bogus charges of committing national security violations. She asked if they would be so kind as to release them, adding, “People are not bargaining chips,” as if teaching a kindergarten class.

Sherman said of the conversation, “We do expect … them to understand that human rights are not just an internal matter, they are a global commitment which they have signed up for,” referring to the U.N. Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Issues and concerns were raised from both sides of the table but only the future will tell if the Chinese were even paying attention. “I hope that we see those resolutions for the sake of many people whose lives and futures depend on it. But we will have to see,” Sherman said with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.

All talk and no action is bound to propel the U.S. back to square one with the communist nation. China knows a weak government when they see one and they’re rejoicing now that Trump is out and Biden’s is in. Biden is a repeat of the Obama era they loved so much so they can at long last return their old ways without fear of repercussions. Trump was such a pain in their asses.

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