Biden Lies Again as Mask Mandates Are Being Developed

The Democratic Party is salivating the arrival of a new COVID variant called the COVID Delta. It is a new version of the old virus that once sent the world into a lockdown panic. The liberals hope that this new variant fills up the hospitals and sends people running back to the store for more masks.

The other variants were covered under the vaccine. But liberals are stating that this new strain is resistant to the vaccine, and people need to listen to their pandemic warnings again. The American people will not tolerate more pointless lockdowns that are not effective at containing a cold virus.

The Democrats do not want people to know that the more a virus mutates, the weaker it starts to get. It was once thought that COVID-19 would mutate itself into a less harmless version of itself. And they certainly do not want people to know that natural immunity plays a part in how people catch the virus again.

But for Biden, the facial diaper is something that he is thinking about expanding. He wants to extend the current mask mandate and look for other ways to force people to wear one when there is absolutely no reason to strap the diaper over their faces.

The liberals are pushing for the kids to put on the face masks as well. Biden has seen the same reports that dictate that kids will not catch the virus because they are resistant to the infection.

The mask mandates he wants to impose on people are to play on the feelings of the brainwashed people so they would be willing to vote Democrat in the upcoming election. The new mask mandates make no sense that nearly the entire country is vaccinated, and the rest have already had the virus.

The only way he can justify expanding his only control mechanism is to tell of a resistant variant immune to the vaccine. He has not started any research or attempts to change the vaccine to kill the virus once again.

Scientists pre-make the flu vaccine, and it works fine. It is only a matter of time before they can do the same with the COVID virus. But Biden will never tell that side of the story because he needs to control people and tell them what to do.

The sad reality is that there are not spikes in hospitalizations or massive death rates being reported. The vaccines are the reasons why people are not getting as sick. And it seems that the liberal’s attempt to scare people again is not going to work. The science does not support what Biden is claiming, and Anthony Fauci cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

COVID-19 came out during an election year, so it stands to reason that the liberals used it for their greedy agenda. But the Delta variant is coming out on the heels of a midterm election, so they cannot make it out to be the nasty killer they did last year.

Biden is not pressing the vaccine hard right now because his nasty party cannot stand to alienate people that will not get the vaccine. To push an issue as sensitive as the vaccine will cost his party seats in the House.

Biden’s lie is that he maintains that the Delta virus is why he is talking with the CDC about updating mask requirements. But the real reason is that an election year is coming up, and he needs something to attract voters.

One report noted that the CDC currently mandates that “Americans who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks in most settings, though a federal mask mandate remains in place for airlines and other forms of public transportation.”

But even that mandate is pointless as it is illegal for anyone to inquire about the health status of other people. HIPPA laws keep people from asking others about vaccination records and proving that they are vaccinated. So the only thing left for Biden to do is lie about his intent and invent new reasons to push the facial diapers.

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