Biden Is Handing Republicans a Huge Win…He’s Also Breaking a Campaign Promise

As if any further confirmation is required, President Joe Biden is full of dog defecation. His entire presidential campaign was a sucker punch. Biden had liberals breathing hard and gasping “oh yes!” with his proposed climate control agenda. But judging by what’s happening now that he’s in the big boy’s chair, the old man’s gone a little limp on his promises.

Applications by companies wanting to stick their oil rigs in U.S. public land are being filed in truckloads, and they’re getting approved. In fact, if the pace continues as it’s projected to, new drilling will exceed the level it reached during the era of the heavily invested Texas oil tycoon, George W. Bush.

The bulk of the reason why Biden is being so reluctant to rock the boat is due to his meeting with enormous resistance from Republicans who have no desire to create any further dependency on foreign oil. The all-powerful oil companies are playing tag-team with their Republican constituents, and they’ve been hitting the Biden administration hard.

At last count, the Interior Department has approved around 2,500 permits and they’re still signing. The approvals will allow drilling to begin on both public and tribal lands during the first six months of 2022, much to the utter dismay and horror of our Native American population who dwell therein.

In reality, Biden is enforcing the identical plan Donald Trump had to make America more dependent and powerful, but he lied about the plan being awful for the sake of getting himself elected. Then he ripped his predecessor off. Clever? No. As transparent as a freshly washed window.

As a show of keeping his pledge, Biden appointed Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary. Haaland co-sponsored the Green New Deal and was vocally opposed to allowing drilling on federal land. Climate control activists applauded the move.

Granted, the Biden administration has taken a few baby steps to appease their fanbase, but in the overall scheme of things, the steps have been insignificant at best. They put a temporary hold on permitting new leases by oil companies on federal land, but this was an overly obvious ploy.

Almost every major fossil fuel reserve on U.S. public land or waterways is already under lease anyway. Since their production makes up around one-quarter of the U.S. oil supply, the new dredges will be searching for previously untapped reserves. Smoke and mirrors.

The administration halted the sale of petroleum products in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which houses roughly 250 hardcore natives who have survived the elements for centuries and don’t drive cars or use electricity. To a thunderous roar from the libs, they also put the nix on the Keystone XL oil pipeline that’s completion was doubtful for a number of other reasons anyway.

Biden’s also trying to pick out another burr in his ass. Gasoline is $3.00 a gallon and rising. If he dared attempt limiting internal oil production he’d be tarred, feathered, and ignited. Conservatives and liberals alike get testy when watching their hard-earned money blow out of a tailpipe.

Parker Fawcett with S&P Global Platts, an industry analyst firm, said Biden is walking a tightrope. “Those easy wins don’t necessarily have huge impacts on the market today,” he said. “He is definitely backing off taking drastic action that would rock the market. … What you’re going to see is U.S. oil production is going to continue to rebound.”

“Gas and oil production will continue well into the future and we believe that is the reality of our economy and the world we’re living in,” said Ms. New Green Deal herself, Deb Haaland.

The Biden administration has handed Republicans a huge win. An underhanded win, but we’ll take it. While climate control activists are grieving in sorrow, we’re compelled for the first time ever, and probably the last, to say, “Thanks, Joe!”

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