White House All but Becomes Broker for Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme

Hunter Biden is a world-class artist, now. Well, that’s what he wants the world to believe, anyway. It’s the only way that he can justify selling art for more than virtually anyone. Most pieces sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There’s no law against how much art can be sold for. However, it’s hard to believe that the president’s son is suddenly such a good artist that he can fetch such incredible prices. There’s got to be a devious scheme behind it, especially when the art is being sold anonymously.

Why not identify the sellers? Selling the art anonymously makes the art look like even more of a bad idea.

The moment that people found out that Hunter Biden was selling the art for such exorbitant prices, the White House stepped in. As a way to make it all appear more ethical, White House officials established a document to ensure that purchaser’s names would be kept confidential. The art dealer would maintain a list but that Hunter Biden would remain in the dark.

What? What kind of trash plan is this? Even Obama’s ethics chief, Walter Shaub, called it out for being the shady plan that it is.

The plan is so shady that even CNN is raising its hands to ask questions.

Of course, Jen Psaki has nothing but sarcasm to share about the plan, saying that the president’s son has a right to pursue an artistic career.

Sure, Hunter Biden can be an artist if that’s what he wants to be. However, shouldn’t he have to work up to selling art for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Considering he doesn’t have the cleanest past, it seems questionable – and that’s putting it mildly.

President Joe Biden had said that he stays out of his son’s business deals. He doesn’t get involved. Really? If that were true, White House resources wouldn’t have been used to help his son’s art sales remain anonymous. After all, it’s not like the White House is stepping in to help other artists sell their work anonymously.

Psaki explains that “a system has been established” but fails to go into detail about what that system is. She is doing her best to say that there are safeguards to protect against improprieties but falls short in a big way.

Perhaps the saddest part about the press conference given by Psaki is that she talks about the “president’s child.” This isn’t some 14-year-old trying to make some money with a lemonade stand in front of the White House. We’re talking about a 51-year-old with a colorful and potentially criminal past.

Many people have questioned how Hunter Biden can sell the work for as much as he is. Psaki says that he will be working with a reputable gallerist to ensure that all offers to buy the work are “within reason.” Apparently, $500,000 for a new showing artist is reasonable – or at least it is when the artist is the president’s child.

As Obama’s ethics chief hinted at, it’s a perfect way to funnel bribes to the president.

Great, and the White House has stepped in to make it even easier for the bribes to be funneled.

This argument isn’t over, even though Jen Psaki wishes that it were. Anyone who’s seen Hunter’s artwork will know that this is the biggest criminal scheme going.

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