Trump Advisor Jason Miller Launches Cancel-Free Social Media App, Already Climbing The App Store Charts

Former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller recently launched the new social media platform “GETTR” on the Fourth of July to declare independence from Big Tech. It was announced as a “cancel-free zone” that focuses on free speech and bringing people from all political stripes together. Miller said that the name “GETTR” came from “getting together” and that the platform will embrace free speech and be independent of cancel culture.

“We believe there needs to be a new social media platform that really defends free speech and one that doesn’t de-platform for political beliefs. This is a challenge to social media monopolies. We’re starting a cutting edge technology that will really be the envy of the social media world,” Miller told Fox News.

Miller shared that users can post messages up to 777 characters and that they will be able to post clearer pictures and longer videos that have the ability to be edited within the app. There will also be a live-streaming option and a way for users to donate to political candidates. He said users will have the option to import existing tweets onto the platform so that people can bring their hard work, creativity, and intellectual property with them.

When asked if there were any legal concerns with connecting your own tweets, Miller replied that they are not publishers who can claim your intellectual property. “The rules are very clear, you own your tweets and you own your posts,” he said.

More languages, direct messaging, notifications, and live-streaming will be added to the platform soon.

Miller said that Trump is not funding the platform in any way but that he hopes the former president will join. Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and has filed a lawsuit against Big Tech for their censorship and political bias. The social media ban could also be a fundraising and political hurdle if Trump decides to run a 2024 presidential campaign.

We believe our technology and our user experience will be superior to anything else out there, and we hope that President Trump at some point does join us. Freedom of speech, rejection of cancel culture—if you subscribe and believe in the power of free speech, then this platform is for you,” Miller said. 

Miller notes that the username “realDonaldTrump” is waiting for him and ready to go, but that Trump has a number of social media platform options he’s considering. Miller shared that this is about creating a community not just for conservatives looking to get away from Big Tech but for folks from all political affiliations around the world.

“Let’s get together. We’re talking about a sense of community. We think it will ultimately be a global platform — not just conservatives in the U.S,” Miller said.

The GETTR app has been giving Silicon Valley companies a run for their money after grabbing the #3 spot for social media apps in the Apple App Store and #8 in the top apps spot. GETTR also grabbed the #2 spot on the Google Play Store.

Right Side Broadcast reporter Liz Willis reported that the app had 1 million sign-ups by day two. They’ve had nearly 2 million posts, 1 million shares, 3.4 million post likes, and over 800,000 comments on posts. Many prominent influencers have also opened accounts.

Other conservative-friendly apps such as Parler have struggled against Big Tech censorship, with the App Store and Google Play Store suspending it from their app stores. They claimed that Parler was being used to share information about the attack on the Capitol, even though Facebook and YouTube were the most reported platforms in its planning. Amazon Web Services also suspended Parler, saying that the platform “violated” its terms of service.

Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter will continue censoring the American people and silencing conservatives as long as they can. Or until a real competitor gets in the way.

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