Biden Voters Admit They Are Clueless On His Accomplishments & Agenda

A Pro-Biden super PAC ‘Unite the Country’ recently conducted focus groups in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to Joe Biden’s voters, they don’t know know what any of his accomplishments are. Things have become so “overwhelmingly clueless” for voters that many officials noted concerns for the Democrat Party in the 2022 midterms.

According to a ‘Unite the Country’ strategy memo, Democrats could look at losing in the midterms unless their party takes a “more aggressive approach” to talking about President Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill and the infrastructure proposal. They said that his plans remain “undefined” in the public eye and that voters are “primed with misinformation that help Republicans justify their opposition.” They pushed for specifics on what it takes to pass the American Jobs Act and the American Families Plan.

The memo emphasizes that voters are getting their information about Biden from “internet disinformation” and a “Fox-News driven spin.” Even voters who have a favorable view of Biden said there is a real lack of information about the specifics of the agenda. The memo went on to say that the mood in the country is still overwhelmingly anxious and that more voters remain concerned with Biden’s agenda.

Voters in the focus group talked about having doubt in President Biden’s ability to avoid the typical losses during his first midterm election, but said it has been difficult translating any of his political successes.

Unite the Country spent $49 million to help Biden will in 2020. While they have not announced any spending plans, they said they would target college-educated voters who supported him in 2020, Black voters, and white working-class voters, particularly women. But Democrats have yet to make a case for why Americans should vote for them in the 2022 midterm elections.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said that the Democrats’ majority is “doomed” because all they’ve done is cause massive inflation and a labor shortage, not to mention a crisis at the border. The White House will traditionally lose Congress seats during the first midterm election and expect to see some of that power lost in 2022.

Between suspending the permit for the Keystone Pipeline and canceling contractors from building the border wall, Democrats might see a lot more power lost in 2022 than they expected. Biden managed to put 200,00 people out of work in his first term alone and is providing high incomes for people that don’t want to work. He’s destroyed the border, stopped the pipelines, destroyed cities by defunding cops, and punished children in schools for the color of their skin. There’s an accomplishment that the Biden voters can list.

Obama-era former deputy director of Intergovernmental Affairs Nick Rathod said the Democrats haven’t made a case for 2022 and don’t have the robust infrastructure to do so. He praised Republicans for their job of “building infrastructure to support elections, communications, policymaking, and developing a real pipeline for candidates.”

Calling Biden voters “clueless” about his policies is as accurate as it can get. Even Joe Biden is clueless about his own policies. He just does whatever the teleprompter says.

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