Biden Botches Presidency by Focusing on Pandemic

There are a lot of issues happening in the country right now. A global pandemic has caused people to lose their jobs. It’s caused people to mask up and go into hiding until a vaccine was ready.

The pandemic is losing steam, though. Most states have eliminated mask mandates. Businesses are open. The economy is moving forward – and masks are being thrown away as more people have become fully vaccinated.

Still, though, President Biden focuses on the pandemic. It’s the one thing he feels that he can control. And First Lady Dr. Jill has been getting an amazing trip around the U.S. as she continues to push the vaccine in various cities.

The pandemic is only one issue – and it’s not even the most important one at this point.

The American people want to see Biden working on the real issues.

There’s a border crisis happening at the Southern border, causing thousands of migrants to enter the country monthly.

There’s a surge in crime across the country where people are losing their lives because liberal cities won’t put a stop to it.

Where is President Biden when it comes to all of these issues?

The reality is that President Biden doesn’t know how to address the issues. And some of the issues aren’t even on his radar. He has no plans to address the border crisis. If anything, he wants to encourage the illegal migration. And the crime, well that’s happening in liberal cities, so he’d rather not call attention to it.

His speech on July 4 shows just how much he’s botching his presidency. He focuses more on the pandemic than on any of the other issues, saying that the day is a special celebration because “We’re emerging from the darkness of a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain, fear, and heartbreaking loss.”

Perhaps he’s not aware of it, but most people emerged from the “darkness” several months ago. Most Americans were fully vaccinated by March and April…and that meant that the worries of the pandemic were behind them.

As for the “pain, fear, and heartbreaking loss,” those things are still happening because of his epic failure as president. People are in pain over the crime that is running rampant. People are in fear of the illegal migrants running into their cities.

No one wanted to hear Biden’s speech. No one wanted to hear him talk (yet again) about how the pandemic isn’t over and how there is more work to be done.

The only reason that people tuned into the speech was to hear about the other issues. People wanted to hear Biden’s position on defunding the police as well as how he was going to put a stop to the illegal border crossings.

Unfortunately, he didn’t address any of those.

“Biden wanted all Americans to celebrate, too, after enduring 16 months of disruption in the pandemic and more than 605,000 deaths.”

Did he, though? It’s hard to celebrate when we know that there are bigger issues affecting the country. Many cities are being destroyed because of the massive migration situation – and yet, Biden wants us all to celebrate as though those things don’t matter.

As for celebrating, the White House encouraged gatherings and fireworks displays. Yet, they didn’t allow such things at Mount Rushmore. Why? Oh, well that’s just a display of white supremacy.

The country is being destroyed, yet Biden wants to stand in front of America and ignorantly claim that the only issue worth concentrating on is the pandemic.

If Biden really wants to become a president that the country can be proud of, he has to open his eyes and his ears. We don’t care about the pandemic. We care about the crime rates. We care about the crisis at the southern border. Only when he acknowledges those problems and talks about a plan to address them can we really be happy with any speech that he gives.

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