White House Doctor Pushes For Biden’s Cognitive Exam After Ice Cream Fiasco, Says There Is Something Very Concerning Going On

It seems that every week we get at least one or two bumbling Biden videos, but it depends how much the White House Aides allow him to be out and about. President Joe Biden has made several painful gaffes over the last week, even admitting earlier this week that he couldn’t recall for certain if he’d met with a world leader at the White House.

But Biden was caught on a bad day as he pulled out flashcards to answer a Russia-related question while at an ice cream stop at Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City, Michigan. Someone asked Biden one simple question about Russia and it went off the rails real quick. Talk about someone being truly lost without the teleprompter (or his aides).

While at an ice cream shop, Biden was asked about the recent reports that Russian hackers had targeted over 1,000 U.S businesses. Someone from behind the ice cream counter asked Biden, “With the most recent back by the Russians, would you say that this means…”

 We’re not sure it was the Russians. I got a brief as I was on the plane, that was why I was late getting off the plane. I got a brief,” Biden interjected.

At first it appeared as if Biden was going to answer the question himself, but then seemed confused and began slurring his words. He started digging in his jacket and pulled out one of the “prepared flashcards” we’ve seen him use before.

He pulled a notecard out of his pocket, adding that he will tell them what they sent him. “That, uh. The idea… first of all, we’re not sure who it is for certain. Number one. And what I do, is that I directed the full resources of the, of the government to assist in the response, if we determine…”

“What else do you need?” Biden asked the ice cream attendants suddenly.

They said that he was all good to go and Biden replied that the director of intelligence gave him a deep dive on what’s happened and that he’ll know better tomorrow. He also clarified that he has not yet called Putin.

Users responded to the alarming clip, adding that he needed the notes to find out that he directed the full resources of the investigation. “He serious looks and acts like a poor elderly man who just escaped from assisted living facility to try and buy something. Someone else pulling ALL the strings – Jill, Kamala, Pelosi, etc,” one Twitter user wrote.

Things have gotten so bad that the former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who served for both former President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, issued a warning about Joe Biden. Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson said he believes Joe Biden is suffering a cognitive decline and should be tested immediately.

Rep. Jackson said that Biden is demonstrating mental decline every single day and that there is something else going on. He explained that we know some 100-year-olds are sharp as a tack and then some people in their mid-60’s experience cognitive difficulties. He said that he believes Biden is on that end of the spectrum.

“You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening. He’s just not aging gracefully at this point. You can go back – there’s forty years of tape of this man – he’s always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he’s confused, he’s disoriented,” Jackson said.

Jackson also pointed out how Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment for memory impairment when the far-left and mainstream media were questioning Donald Trump’s mental cognition. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to introduce a bill to look at a president’s ability to serve, but has been silent on the matter since Biden entered the White House.

Jackson said that if there’s going to be a new standard for anyone who leads our country, then the rules have to apply to everyone. The tests are not an IQ test, but rather a standard test for age-related issues, dementia, and cognitive decline. While the White House said that Biden is scheduled to take his physical exam later this year, they did not say if the cognitive exam will be included.

Jackson has consistently pushed for a cognitive test, adding that Biden looks “very confused, very frail, very weak, and it just does not inspire confidence.” He says that the President repeats himself when he can’t remember what’s going on or where he’s at, and that he “just kind of stares off into space.”

Jackson emphasized that he is not diagnosing Biden with Alzheimers, but saying that there is something very concerning and age-related happening with Biden. He also points out how Biden has had aneurysms and that “there’s a part of your brain that never recovers.” He called it disturbing how the White House aides will not put Biden in front of a press unless they hand-

It’s hard to believe that Biden will carry out four years when he’s having this kind of difficulty in his term early on. Even with the mainstream media on his side, Biden is struggling and the American people see it.

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