Trump Florida Rally Breaks Rumble’s Livestream Record, Biden Barely Holds 6k Viewers During Teacher Convention

While Democrats and Big Tech platforms have denounced and banned former President Donald Trump, the American people are showing their support for the 45th president. It was reported that people have been lining up for more than a day and even camped out overnight for former President Donald Trump’s July 4 weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida. The Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) even broke 500,000 live viewers on Rumble during Trump’s Sarasota rally, adding that they’ve never seen anything like it before. Their last peak was 150,000 viewers.

“We’ve never seen over 100,000 live-streamers at once, on a single creator account. @RSBNetwork is now well passed this mark. #records #Rumble”, Rumble tweeted.

While Youtube gave RSBN a strike for airing Trump’s Ohio rally, the network moved straight to Rumble, where they are about to break Rumble’s record for the single largest live rally ever by a single creator. Even Rumble tweeted that RSBN was “moments away” from breaking all live-streaming records for the single largest rally by a single creator. They added that they get the feeling the record will be broken “a few times tonight by a few different creators.”

Trump even took the stage to thunderous cheers saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of people.” Meanwhile, the Times reported that the auditorium where President Biden and Jill Biden were was “mostly empty.” They note that President Biden couldn’t draw a very large in-person crowd to a teachers union convention Friday evening. They write that President Biden talked to a mostly empty hall in about giving teachers a pay raise.

“Only about 50 members of leadership and staff of the National Education Association were in the cavernous hall at the  Convention Center when Mr. Biden and first lady Jill Biden, an educator with close ties to the NEA, took the stage,” the Times added.

The White House website shows that about 5,920 people watched the event, with Biden even joking that “there are a few people out there watching online.” It’s hard to believe that this is the same president who garnered 81 million votes in the 2020 election, which is the most of any presidential candidate in American. It didn’t matter how large Trump rallies were in the last election as the real cheating was in the ballot-counting by the workers.

Trump delivered criticism to the criminal charges against his company during the rally, adding that it is reminiscent of a communist dictatorship targeting political opponents. He talked about his visit to the border and Biden’s deliberate destruction of immigration control.

Trump also shared that the Democrats’ policies of ending cash bail and defunding the have added to the lawlessness in Dem-run cities. He delivered a hopeful message to law enforcement, saying that the American people “thank you, believe in you, love you, respect, you and need you…and we are going to fight for you.” The crowd went wild.

He tied the Fourth of July weekend to his election defeat, adding that we have a “truly sick election system” and that he promises to restore the honored tradition of voting in person on Election Day. He said that nobody can take away an American’s God-given right to liberty and that their “Save America” movement is up against some of the most sinister forces trying to undermine American democracy.

“But no matter how powerful or how big they may seem, you must never forget this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you,” Trump said.

While Trump says he won’t make an announcement about a 2024 run until after next year’s mid-terms, it’s clear that Trump has a connection to the crowd that’s never been seen before with a president.

“President Trump has a connection to these people, that is so strong. Nobody else could lead our party, he is the guy,” Rep. Matt Gaetz said in the reaction to the crowd at the Sarasota Rally.

According to the view count, it seems like a lot more Americans care about what Trump has to say than President Joe Biden. What does that tell you?

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  1. Yet we are supposed to believe there was no voter fraud.

    you know if you think just a little you will see that you are lied to be the democrats and media all the time.

    Need another example, beyond trumps eminence popularity, of how much the media and democrat lie to you?

    Minorities have ID and they have access to the internet ad they have cell hones. the Democrats claim that requiring voter ID suppresses the vote is a lie.

    Voter ID suppresses voter fruad: dead people voting, people who have moved away voting, fake people voting, illegal aliens voting. The truck and van loads of pre-printed fake ballots stop if voter id is required.

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