Dr. Jill Turns into a Media Lover Just Like Michelle Obama Once Did

There was one thing that always stuck out about the Obama administration…they were media whores. Barrack and Michelle Obama loved to consider themselves to be celebrities, not politicians. They made friends with Hollywood elites – and they tried to be in the spotlight at all times.

Even Michelle Obama played it up. She was adored by the liberal media for her bold fashion choices – and she would wave and smile as though she was on a Parisian runway.

It seems that we have a problem. Dr. Jill Biden, too, wants to be a media lover.

Just as Joe Biden learned from Barrack, Jill Biden has learned from Michelle.

And, it seems that the media is prepared to make all of her dreams come true. The First Lady has nabbed quite a high-profile cover – the cover of Vogue magazine. It’s an impressive feat, too, especially since they chose not to feature the former First Lady, Melania Trump. Heaven forbid they have a real model on the cover…

The Vogue cover includes the title that the First Lady loves to shove in everyone’s faces – Dr. Jill Biden. They add in the “A First Lady for All of Us.”

What is that supposed to mean? It’s not as though she’s the first first lady. She’s certainly not “for all of us” either, considering that she’s the liberal wife of a liberal president.

It’s as if Vogue wants to force Jill Biden on all of us. For four years, the liberal media wanted to say that President Trump wasn’t “their president.” And now, we have to accept Jill as our First Lady whether we want it or not.

During the interview with Vogue, the First Lady made the comment that Joe is “just a calmer president.”

Well, that’s certainly one word for it. The interview will hit the stands in the August issue of Vogue, just in time for everyone to see that it’s not Joe but Jill that’s going to the Olympics.

Gracing the cover of a fashion magazine isn’t where Dr. Biden’s desire to be a media whore ends. She’s been traveling around the country, rubbing elbows with celebrities while campaigning for people to get the COVID shot.  She’s not the popular liberal First Lady that Michelle was, though. She’s been getting booed.

There are a few reasons.

One, Dr. Jill Biden has a Ph.D. in Education, not Medicine. However, she likes to use her “doctor” status when talking about COVID and the vaccine. She’s essentially lying to people – and Americans are smarter than she’s giving them credit for.

Two, Dr. Jill Biden is overstepping. She’s not an elected official, yet she’s parading around the country as though she’s the president. She cannot take her husband’s place, no matter how much she might like to do so.

Three, she’s lying to the entire country about her husband’s status – and we all know it. She describes Biden as being “calmer” than the former president. However, the reality is that he’s mentally unfit to lead the country.

There’s no telling what Dr. Jill Biden has planned next. She’s slowly working to get her name out there and travel as much of the country (and the world) as possible. She’ll rub elbows with as many people as she can because she wants to follow in Michelle Obama’s footsteps. Perhaps she’ll try to beat the former First Lady’s record of magazine covers, too. Obama had three covers on Vogue over the two terms. Dr. Jill Biden will try for more.

And she’ll continue to overstep until her husband is forcibly removed from office because they’ve discovered what she’s known all along – he’s “calmer” because he’s mentally unstable.

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