Vernon Jones Roasts CNN Reporter, Says Liberals Don’t Want Black People To Have Certain Thoughts

GA Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones recently slammed CNN at an Atlanta press conference with former NYC Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The press conference was about drawing attention to the violent rising crime in Atlanta under Democrat control. Giuliani had been talking about the crime in New York City as well, adding that if you tried to be a Trump supporter in New York, you would lose your job, have to pack up your family, and leave. CNN was one of the handfuls of news outlets covering the press conference and tried to corner Giuliani afterward. Jones, however, defends Giuliani so he can leave the room and calls the CNN reporter out.

Jones first mentions how President Joe Biden is a bigot. He cites the several racist remarks he’s made over the last few months alone, talking about how Black Americans are more susceptible to COVID-19 because they don’t know how to find medical information online and that Black entrepreneurs are bad because they don’t know how to hire lawyers and accountants. Jones mentions that he has both lawyers and accountants. He says they are both Black too, but mentions that he didn’t hire them because they were black, he hired them because they were the best.

Jones then asked the CNN reporter to step in front of the camera. He puts his arm around the reporter and asks if the drop-off boxes were used in the election and the 2021 run-off. The reporter mumbles that he wanted to ask Jones a question but Jones fires back, “No, I’m just asking you a question. You’ve asked me questions already.” He then asks if the drop-off boxes were written into the state statute, but the CNN reporter refuses to answer.

“Here’s CNN. Cause see CNN is about controlling Negroes.  That’s what it stands [for] controlling Negroes.  That’s what CNN is about.  They don’t want people of color to have certain thoughts.  He’s here to keep me running and to keep me from being the governor of the state.  Why?  Because liberals, they do not want blacks to think for themselves.  They’re here for Stacey Abrams,” Jones said.

Jones went on to tell the reporter that they both know that the drop-off boxes and eNet signature verifications were not in the state statute. He emphasized that CNN does not want that on their show because they are “race-based” and use it to carry out a racist agenda. He told the reporter that he is running for governor of Georgia and will not have race-based agendas in the state.

Jones also asked the reporter who smashed the windows of the CNN building. When the reporter said he didn’t know, Jones replied that it was Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters. The reporter tried to argue that they’ve been sent things in the mail by Trump supporters but was cut off again by Jones asking who vandalized their building.

You can watch the full confrontation here:

Jones also publicly called out former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over being “intellectually dishonest” with the public over two homes she purchased in Georgia. They are collectively worth $1.4 million despite being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with her run against Gov. Brian Kemp.

“Supposedly she had all that debt, she owed I think $50,000 in state income taxes when she decided to run in 2018 but mysteriously she loaned her campaign $50,000. How can you loan your campaign $50,000 when you have an outstanding debt of income taxes? That’s interesting. And as a matter of fact, did the $50,000 actually go into her bank account?” Jones asked.

It’s likely that Jones will get an endorsement from former president Donald Trump. He is coming out swinging against fake news and voting fraud. If the liberal media thinks they can bully, intimidate, or silence Vernon Jones, then they have another thing coming.

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