The WHO Rejects 3 Top Scientists For COVID-19 Investigation & Things Get Shadier From There

Brett Giroir, former President Trump’s assistant secretary of health and a member of the coronavirus task force, recently shared that the World Health Organization (WHO) rejected three qualified U.S career scientists to join the WHO-China COVID-19 origins study. They chose longtime Wuhan lab collaborator and EcoHealth Alliance CEO Peter Daszak instead.

Giroir shared that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO Health Emergencies Programme Director Michael Ryan asked the U.S to provide names for the investigation. They chose a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, another from the National Institutes of Health, and a third from the Food and Drug Administration.

“We picked three scientists. They were not political. They were career. One from the FDA. One from the CDC. One from the NIH. Impeccable credentials. We didn’t do a political biopsy on them. We had no idea where they were from. Recommended them to the WHO through all the official channels, and crickets. Not one word back about the recommendations, and they picked Dr. Daszak,” Giroir explained.

Daszak has repeatedly criticized the Biden Administration for skepticism of COVID-19 origins and has dismissed the lab leak theory completely. He defended China’s outlets by saying that he took the Wuhan lab workers at their word and that their answers “seemed convincing.”

Meanwhile, his company EcoHealth was granted $15.2 million by the NIH over the years, including $3.74 million towards understanding bat coronavirus emergence. He even maintained a relationship with Wuhan lab researcher Shi Zhengli, sending her lab at least $600,000 in bat coronavirus research. How cozy. It’s an extreme conflict of interest that he was the only American picked to be on the COVID-19 investigation team while running an organization that funds the lab.

The U.S intelligence community has pointed out that at least one of its 18 agencies is leaning towards the lab leak theory and that Biden has ordered agencies to double-check their investigative efforts if any. Most people dismissed the lab leak hypothesis as a “right-wing conspiracy theory” or a racist remark to try and discredit Trump. The media lost a year of investigative journalism and uncovering a true story due to political bias. What else have they missed?

Sen. Ron Johnson insists that there has still been a “cover-up” by government officials, China, and the mainstream media. He said that they’ll probably never truly understand the origins of COVID-19 or have “rock-solid proof” because all of the evidence has probably been destroyed. He said that the world knows China is guilty and that they need to be held accountable.

“They knew they had a pandemic probably on their hands here. They stopped air travel within China but they allowed air travel through the rest of the world and infected the rest of the world, and this resulted in millions of deaths,” Johnson said.

Johnson also emphasized the dangers of mainstream media censorship, arguing that people have lost their lives because of it. He pointed to certain platforms, such as Youtube, that have censored content that doesn’t fit the radical-left agenda.

He was suspended from uploading YouTube videos for a week after posting about treatments early on, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. The content was removed for “medical misinformation policies.” He argued that the Biden Administration ignored robust research on the use of cheap, generic drugs for early treatment of COVID-19 and claimed that he held two hearings on the matter. He said there needs to be a change in policy on social because it only works “so well for the Democrats” but that it is not currently a free market.

Big Tech has been targeted over the last few months for censoring and silencing conservatives, particularly when Facebook instilled a two-year ban on Trump’s page and Twitter permanently suspended his account.

House members have also pushed to hold hearings on the origins of the virus, which have been denied by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Jim Clyburn. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top medical advisor, is refusing to testify before the House. What’s there to hide?

This is just more proof that Democrats are the enemy of the state and aren’t protecting the American people. They refuse to ask China the right questions and hold them accountable after shutting people in their homes without work or pay for a whole year. It’s time for Pelosi to be at the top of the impeachment list and for Republicans to retake the House.

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