Tim Scott Announces Reelection Bid, Uses 1st Campaign To Call Out Crime, Biden, & Cancel Culture

Sen. Tim Scott recently announced his bid for reelection, targeting cancel culture and vowing to reignite the goals set during the Trump Administration. Scott has received a number of high-profile endorsements including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Senate counterpart, Sen. Lindsey Graham. He is also seen as a close ally to former President Donald Trump.

Scott, being the only Black Republican in the Senate and a rising star in the GOP, shared with a crowd in South Carolina that he has never been more optimistic about the future of America and the limitless potential for the next generation. He kicked off his 2022 reelection bid in his hometown of North Charleston, S.C. He posted pictures to his Twitter account, writing that he was fired up to keep South Carolina RED and take back the Senate Majority in 2022.

“After four years of proven Republican leadership from the White House and Congress, we were able to accomplish record-low unemployment rates, peace in the Middle East, historic and permanent funding for HBCUs, and a skyrocketing economy — all while bringing millions of Americans out of poverty,” Scott said.

Scott adds that it had been an honor to represent South Carolina and work alongside Trump on several key issues. He said he will continue the fight in Washington and emphasized that Trump’s accomplishments are “a future I want to go back to.” The 2022 race will be Scott’s last campaign for the Senate.

Scott drew nationwide attention when speaking up for the welfare of the people and the country on many police reform issues. He led Republicans in negotiations with congressional Democrats on a crime bill and argued that defunding the police leads to increases in violent crime. He said he would not demonize law enforcement officers or strip them of qualified immunity and that he would never break the fused relationship between “communities of color and those officers with the character coming in to respond to crises.”

Rep. Scott pointed to Democrat-run cities such as Portland, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Minneapolis, as classic examples of what happens when you demonize and defund the police. He said that these cities have seen a 40% increase in violent crime for the last year. Rep. Scott said that Democrats left cops in the most dangerous places in the country without any resources or liability.

“So, if you’re going to have a serious conversation about police reform, just remember, the victims of these crimes, as everyone’s focusing on solving a racial issue, the victims of these crimes are black too,” Scott argued.

But Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Cory Booker, and Rep. Karen Bass are still not close to closing a deal on a bipartisan police reform bill in Congress. The three agreed that they’ve reached a framework on addressing the major issues but that there is still “more work to be done on the final bill.”  “Over the next few weeks we look forward to continuing our work toward getting a finalized proposal across the finish line,” the statement said.

Scott also called out Cedric Richmond, one of Biden’s officials, for claiming that Republicans are the reason law enforcement has been defunded. He said the stance is “ridiculous” and that it’s pretty evident that Republicans have been looking to refund police departments nationwide.

Scott’s reelection campaign video also included a sound bite of him saying, “We don’t give in to cancel culture. We have work to do, but I believe in the goodness of America.”

Sen. Scott is full of common sense and tells it like it is. While he has downplayed the possibility of a 2024 White House run and declared that his only objective is to be a United States senator for the great state of South Carolina, the American people have polled that they hope to see a lot more of Sen. Scott.

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