Biden Defies Faith and Risks Purgatory Over Abortion Stance

Joe Biden and the rest of the elite Democrats give vague answers to their view of when they think life begins. Biden cannot give a straight answer to the question. After all, he is under the threat of not taking communion at his Catholic Church because he supports murdering babies while the church is pro-life. And since he fails to answer, people like Jenn Psaki get stuck trying to get around answering the question.

Psaki looks beat up and run down from trying to cover up the president’s inability to speak for himself. When asked how life begins, Psaki tried to dodge the question by asking the reporter a different version of the question. She tried to play dumb, and it backfired in her face.

The reporter’s question was simple enough to understand. There was no way that Psaki could misunderstand the question. The reporter asked, “Does the President believe that a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being?”

Psaki dodged away by trying to clarify the question by asking her own. She responded by asking, “Are you asking me if the President supports a woman’s right to choose? He does.” That is not what the reporter wanted to know.

But before the reporter could do anything about Psaki skirting the question, she called on another person. The American people have the right to know where the president stands on critical issues. But Biden and Nancy Pelosi are so cowardly to stand on what they believe that they are unwilling to provide accurate answers to simple questions.

Biden’s reluctance to provide accurate answers is in part of the reaction of the Catholic Church. By supporting the murder of babies, he stands in opposition to his church. Many leaders within the church want to rebuke politicians for their role in killing innocent life.

People like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are under scrutiny because of their crooked beliefs. They stand ready to enter purgatory because they are willfully sinning and abusing the elements of their faith. In some strange fashion, they are hoping to fool God by not saying what they think about the origin and start of life.

Psaki has been asked about the president’s reaction to his church’s flakey politicians not living up to their religious beliefs. These people are hoping to slide into eternity without compromising their evil political careers.

Psaki stated that Biden is a man of faith, and he actively attends church every weekend. She even said he attends some church when he is traveling overseas. She claims that he does not see his faith through his beliefs. But there is no way to separate life from religion no matter how hard Biden may try and do it.

Biden attends church for the sake of appearance. And by separating his faith from life, he has adopted an anti-God stance in his life. He tries to lead without moral influence, which is next to impossible because a man’s beliefs dictate how he runs his life. To separate life from morality is to get into progressive politics, which is a disastrous affair.

Psaki and others within Biden’s administration have become master dodgers as they skirt questions and give vague answers. They know that they will need to say less and hide more for them to cover up for Biden and his mental illness.

All Democrats are observing the same tactic. Nancy Pelosi did the same thing when she was asked a question about when she thought life began. All Pelosi could say was, “Let me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Wade. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman’s right to choose.”

It is like they all have the same list of answers that Biden has when answering questions. Pelosi sounded just like Psaki when it came time for her to answer the same question. The Democrats are failing to act, and when the time comes for them to defend their chairs, they will find out that the American people are not as dumb as they think they are.

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