Nebraska Gov. Sending State Troopers To Help Border Crisis In Texas, Says Biden Administration Is Failing Miserably

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts recently announced that he would be sending around 25 state troopers to help Texas law enforcement manage the crisis at the Border. The assistance was announced in response to the Texas emergency management’s official request for help through their Emergency Management Assistance Compact partnership.

“Nebraska is stepping up to help Texas respond to the ongoing crisis on their border with Mexico. The disastrous policies of the Biden-Harris Administration created an immigration crisis on the border. While the federal government has fallen short in its response, Nebraska is happy to step up to provide assistance to Texas as they work to protect their communities and keep people safe,” Ricketts said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott even issued a disaster declaration at the border due to the surge of illegal immigrants crossing into the country. He claimed that illegal immigrants have vandalized and damaged private property in the area and that fentanyl is pouring into communities like never before. He said President Biden’s open-border policies have created more opportunities for dangerous gangs and cartels to engage in human trafficking and smuggle drugs. Approximately 180,000 illegal migrants crossed into the United States in the month of May alone.

Ricketts told Fox New’s “Your World” that other states, like Iowa and South Dakota, have asked for more information on how they can help. He said that the Biden Administration is “failing so miserably” that Abbott resorted to asking other states to help get the situation under control.

Ricketts said this was not the first time other states have been requested for emergency management and assistance. Due to their preexisting mutual aid agreement, other states help in times of emergencies.

Nebraska sent state troopers to Minnesota for the George Floyd trial and to North Dakota when they were having issues with the Dakota Access pipeline protesters. He said they “feel like we have to help out” because the federal government and President Biden are failing so badly. A team of 25 Nebraska State Patrol troopers will travel to Del Rio, Texas later this month. Their deployment will last no longer than 16 days.

Gov. Ricketts has also been a vocal critic of Biden’s conservation plan, which calls to preserve 30% of the nation’s land and water by the year 2030. Over 20 counties in Nebraska have passed resolutions opposing the plan.

Ricketts has called it a “land grab” by the federal government and notes that currently 12% of the land is considered conserved. He said that there’s not much information about the administration’s proposal and that the President doesn’t have the “constitutional authority” to take away land from any American. He called on state residents to fight this at the local level.

“We want people to be aware of what’s probably going to be happening in your own backyards, so read the fine print and get your counties involved,” Ricketts said.

While the Biden Administration dragged every National Guard member they could find to stand guard for them outside of the U.S Capitol, they don’t seem to care and take the same approach for American citizens. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have proven over the last few months just how Anti-American and open-border they really are.

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