It Took a Feisty Female Journalist to Do What Biden Couldn’t…She Backed Putin into an Unescapable Corner

Vladimir Putin may have just met his match, and it certainly wasn’t Joe Biden by any stretch. Biden came off as weak and pathetic by referring to flashcards during the highly anticipated meeting where he failed to flex his flab. Putin swaggered away from the meeting with a poop-eating grin as Joe was being guided off in the right direction.

Touting what he considered a victory for mother Russia, Vlad then good-naturedly availed himself to the string of journalists who had gained access to the historical, albeit lackluster, event. One such reporter was the tiny short-fused direct-to-the-point Rachel Scott from ABC News. Scott has no concept of backing down from what she wants to know.

She’s also not a rookie. Scott reports directly from Capitol Hill as the network’s Congressional Correspondent. Her reports and/or her smiling face can be seen almost daily on popular news programs like “Good Morning America,” “20/20, “Nightline,” ABC,” ABC News Live,” “ABC Audio,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” So, yeah. The girl’s been around.

Scott aggressively took the lead as she squared off with the notorious “killer” by saying and asking, “President Biden has said that he would respond if cyberattacks from Russia do not stop. I’m curious: What did he tell you? Did he make any threats? And a quick follow-up, if I may, sir… (Here comes the good part)

“The list of your political opponents who are dead, imprisoned, or jailed is long. Alexey Navalny’s organization called for free and fair elections and an end to corruption, but Russia has outlawed that organization, calling it ‘extremist,’ and you have now prevented anyone who supports him to run for office. So, my question, Mr. President, is what are you so afraid of?”

Bam! Putin’s grin immediately faded, as did his cool, calm, and collective mannerisms. How dare she ask such a question of the Emporer! Because of the magnitude of the event, Putin must have thought it best to veer from his traditional habit of ousting reporters who won’t ask the right questions.

Instead, he swan-dived into a pool of “whataboutism’s.” Putin went into a complete dissertation concerning the political unrest in America. How citizens are at one another’s throats. Social prejudice. Corrupt police officers. Deadly street gangs. Extremists. BLM, ANTIFA, and you name it. If it happened sometime in the past century, Putin touched on it.

Meanwhile, Scott let him incoherently ramble. Once Putin had exhausted every mishap in U.S. history, with a stone face and nary a blink, Scott said, “You didn’t answer my question, sir.” Not being able to allow her line of questioning to end so easily, she then asked, “If all of your political opponents are dead, in prison, or poisoned, doesn’t that send a message that you do not want a fair political fight?”

Putin continued going for a checkmate when he launched into more long-winded rhetoric, only this time he brought American history up to date by focusing on the Jun. 6 Capitol Building fiasco. He was attempting to justify his own stance against his political enemies, or protesters as some might call them. He tried to blow it off by saying, “many countries are going through exactly what we are going through.”

While truer words have never been spoken, not all countries handle their political opponents in quite the same manner, Mr. Putin. They live long enough to lose for themselves without the need for additional help.

So did Putin ever muster enough courage to answer the question? Of course not. He didn’t then and he never will. Putin exists for himself and the power he can yield. The problem with this is that he uses his might for all of the wrong purposes. Joe Biden could have easily been “eliminated” if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shared similar values and ideologies. But they don’t. And they never will.

This is the only reason why Biden is still alive enough to be the pain-in-the-ass he is today. ‘Murica!

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