House Members Tank Speaker Pelosi’s Bills, GOP Looking To Replace Her In 2022

People have been asking when former President Donald Trump will return to public office, with some officials noting that the day could arrive sooner than expected. Some have debated Trump’s path back to the White House, including a “big red wave” that could put Trump in the House Speaker role. While Trump claimed that the idea was “very interesting,” he did not confirm whether or not he would be taking that path.

Trump battled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on almost every issue during his presidency and consistently called out her lack of transparency in the “D.C. Swamp.” Pelosi was recently accused of preventing an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 lab leak theory, with House Minority whip Steve Scalise accusing Pelosi of covering for China. He said Democrats will not hold China accountable and that it’s a “Soviet-style cover-up” that they will just keep calling them out on.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested declassifying the intelligence to see what came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the lab at the center of the COVID-19 lab leak theory.

“Three million and eight hundred thousand people have lost their lives because China lied to the world. Six hundred thousand of those 3.8 million are Americans. And for so long, with social media denying our ability to even talk about it of where it came from our having from Wuhan and others,” McCarthy told Fox New’s, Trey Goudy.

GOP members are so sick of Pelosi’s House control that they have continued to battle progressive bills at every turn. They stopped two House Democrat bills that Pelosi was trying to fast-track on the same day – one that would’ve given the LGBTQ community unfair preferential treatment and the other as a way to fund abortions. She tried to use a procedure called “suspension of the rules” which requires a two-thirds supermajority of the House to succeed.

Rep. Andy Biggs, the House Freedom Caucus chairman, said Democrats have been trying to change all of the rules and traditions of the House to force their radical agenda down our throats.

“Our position has always been that that is — it is that we have to fight on every issue. That’s why we ask for roll call votes on the suspension votes because we want transparency for the American public number one, and number two we want everybody to be recorded on how you vote, and number three we want to put the speed stick down. That’s what that’s been all about,” Biggs explained.

The LGBTQ bill failed after collecting 248 votes, with 177 opposed and five members not voting. The abortion bill received 240 votes, with 188 opposed and two members not voting.

Rep. Matt Rosendale shared that the failure of these bills proves the success of the Freedom Caucus Strategy. He said it was the first time that the Republican Party successfully tanked bills with the tactic and that they must try to restore the balance in the House, instead of last-minute bills that Pelosi tries to push through.

The day that the House replaces Pelosi will be one for the books – especially if the replacement is a former president she tried to impeach twice.

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