Biden’s Recent Gaffes Prove He’s Not Running The Country, Just Another Placeholder

After videos surfaced of President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe last week, people started making comments that he seemed confused about where’s he’s at and what he’s doing. He even joked on multiple occasions that he’ll get “into trouble” if he does not obey commands or tries to take an extra question. There’s no question that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining by the day, but his most recent gaffes and comments have proven that it’s only downhill from here.

President Biden embarrassed himself several times at the G-7 summit when he tried to correct British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for not introducing the president of South Africa, even though he already did by name. That was just one of the many gaffes Biden made in a series of meetings with world leaders.

The Jewish voice also posted a video clip of Biden being asked by a reporter how his meetings in Cornwall were going. Biden stopped and said “I beg your pardon?” and then responded, “very well.” First Lady Jill Biden then scolded her husband, saying “Joe! Come on” before taking his hand and leading him away.

Biden made repeated references to the international “COVAX vaccine,” mixed up Syria and Libya three times, and told reporters during a Q&A session that he was going to get in trouble with his staff if he strayed from instructions. He even forgot Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s name while introducing him and “forgot the name of the Pentagon.”

The Biden Administration is starting to promote a child tax credit but has refused to schedule Biden to speak about it. Instead, the White House released a 430-word teleprompter-style statement from Biden to promote the program and sent Vice President Kamala Harris to Pennsylvania to deliver a speech on the issue.

The tax would send monthly payments to families’ bank accounts of $250 or more per child as part of Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue plan.

Some have pointed out that Biden has been incredibly MIA since the trip. His daily schedule on Monday, for example, was a single meeting with financial regulators at 1:45 pm. The event was closed off to the press.

Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson shared that Biden has always made gaffes but that they seem very different now. He said Biden’s trip to Europe was not inspiring confidence to our allies and was sending the wrong message to our adversaries.

“I think that raises a lot of red flags. I think these things are going to continue to get worse. He’s working in a very protected environment right now. They’re only rolling him out on certain days when I think he has good days. They’re giving him prescreened questions from the press, on who to call on and giving him talking points for each of the questions, and even then, he’s struggling,” said Jackson.

Rep. Jackson said that Biden’s cognitive functions are only going to get worse as the months go by and that Democrats need to start demanding answers about his mental capabilities.

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny even sparked a conversation on social media when he tweeted that he’s never seen a President “so protected by his aides.” And then there’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki who revealed back in May that she tells the President not to take questions from reporters. She said that he was never going to “satisfy the White House press corps and their desire for access.”

We all know that President Biden isn’t “protected” by his aides, he’s controlled by them. Biden has never been in charge and the American people know that. He’s getting so bad that he can’t even answer preselected questions from preselected journalists. Who is actually making the decisions here?

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