Ted Cruz Eviscerates the Left Explaining Exactly What Biden Admin Has Ruined in First Five Months

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t pull any punches when he laid out the harm that has come to the United States at the hands of the current administration with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at the helm.

The Texas senator called out the Biden-Harris administration while he was at the U.S. Capitol this week, saying that the White House was putting its knife in Americans backs when it supported the Russian oil industry and pulled permits which suspended the American energy pipelines:

“For whatever reason, the Biden-Harris administration seems to have a philosophy that American pipelines and American jobs are bad but Russian pipelines and Russian jobs are apparently good,” said Cruz when talking to Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

It appears as if the Biden Administration is pulling the same trick that previous Democrats have pulled, which is to gaslight voters by saying over and over that someone else is doing what they’re doing and calling anyone crazy who points to the very obvious truth about what the Democrat is himself doing.

Biden infamously suspended the Keystone pipeline project that would have infused around $8 billion into the economy bringing two existing pieces of pipeline together between the United States and Canada. The president put tens of thousands out of work, but directly in the pipeline and the supporting businesses in the towns where major construction would have taken place. However, Biden used an Executive order to put an end to that economically stimulating and energy-efficient way of making sure Americans were fed and kept the lights on, his first day in the Oval Office.

That move didn’t endear him to conservatives, and certainly not to people in the energy sector who saw their immediate futures going up in so much smoke, and it’s a move that Cruz cited before going on to say that Biden also damaged the United States when he “ripped to shreds the ‘Remain in Mexico’ agreement. That created the Biden border crisis,” he added. “In the Middle East, he inherited peace, he immediately begins undermining Israel.”

The former presidential candidate also outed Biden for sending $250 million to Palestinians with promises to give billions more to Iran with the renewed war in the Middle East, the strength of which many believe to be the fault of the Biden administration.

As Americans contemplate what their futures could look like for the rest of this term, it has many on the conservative side of the political spectrum wondering if the democratic republic that we were bequeathed by the Founding Fathers can stand up to the next three and a half years of bad deals, backstabbing and the same awful geopolitics that we’ve seen from this administration the less than six months they’ve been at the helm.

The question that remains is this: what option do we have other than to think that Biden is either a bumbling idiot, or he’s intentionally sabotaging the nation he swore to protect? The first theory has a lot of merit as anyone who has watched Biden’s press conference can attest. The aging politician seems like the closer he gets to 80 the nearer he becomes to being completely incomprehensible. Truthfully, no one can blame a guy for losing his edge at 78, it happens to the best of men. But the question is, why did anyone think it was a good idea to make him the leader of the free world? The answer is that it wasn’t (and maybe that we didn’t).

If that’s the case someone/s is/are pulling the strings on the puppet known as our Commander-in-Chief, and as a functioning republic, it’s our right to know who that is. If not, we’re left with the reality that possibly we have someone so incredibly deceptive and conniving that he is willing to sell everything that makes America great just to put a few bucks in his own pocket, selling out even his own grandchildren in pursuit of some back ally deals with communists.

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