More Than 100,000 Georgia Voter Files Dumped, But Secretary Of State Still Refuses To Conduct Audit

Election Day contractor Carter Jones conducted an investigation into Georgia’s election process and cited in a 29-page memo that there were widespread election integrity failures including double-counting, insecure storage, and a massive chain of custody problems. While monitoring election workers during the ballot counting, he said there were a handful of problems that occurred under his watch.

Jones sent the memo to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and talked about the election centers engaging in the movement of “too many” ballots on election day. He said there was a massive chain of custody problem and that workers had threatened people that they were going to “fu** sh** up.” According to Jone’s report, there were too many ballots coming in, and that they were supposed to be numbered and in sealed boxes.

Raffensperger has taken the heat for his role in talking about securing Georgia’s elections and still refusing to hold an audit. He said that you need “accurate voter roles and proper list maintenance” to help county election directors but has not ensured that the rolls were accurate and maintained. He received criticism for refusing to help former President Donald Trump investigate the results of the election and stating that Joe Biden won Georgia in November.

Raffensperger recently announced that more than 100,000 voter files will be removed from the state’s voter registration rolls, adding that they are ‘obsolete and outdated.’ The vast majority of the people on the list had submitted change of address forms to the post office, a little over 18,000 were removed because they have died, and 275 people are on the list because of inactivity.

Raffensperger has also released the full list of people affected by the registration update. While some critics have claimed that the removal is a “voter purge,” other state officials note that the maintenance occurs every two years. He even fought to beat voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams in a 2019 court case over removing nearly 300,000 obsolete voter files. She started filing lawsuits against the state’s removal of voter files and those who haven’t participated in recent elections.

Moving forward, Georgia will be updating the registration status of people who move out of the state on a monthly basis, instead of every two years. Voters can check their registration status online and have up to 40 days to update their status or be removed from the registration. If you are removed, reregistering to vote online takes a total of ten seconds.

Georgia was one of the most pivotal states in November regarding election outcomes – and again in the two U.S Senate runoffs in January. Between Jones’ report of what he witnessed on Election Day to Raffensperger’s mass deletion of voter files, it seems like Democrats did all they could to flip to a majority to Democrats and steal the count.

The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) even gave about $29 million in grants to Georgia counties that Biden won, compared to the $2.3 million in grants that were given to counties Trump won. The CTCL gets its grant money from Facebook CEO and Big Tech Tyrant Mark Zuckerberg.

Between buying the election and ignoring election integrity laws, Democrats did all they could to get Biden in office…and are now trying to sweep the cheating under the rug.

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