Putin Describes WH Secretary Psaki As “Young, Pretty, & Mixing Things Up,” Biden Proves He Is A Russian Puppet

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently defended President Joe Biden after a picture went viral of Biden looking through flashcard notes at their summit in Geneva. He said that Biden is fully in the know” and blamed the false portrayals on his cognitive decline at White House press secretary Jen Psaki. He said that she is “young,” “pretty,” and “mixing things up all the time. And as usual, the hypocrisy of the leftist media is total silence.

“His press secretary is a young, educated, and pretty woman. She is mixing things up all the time. This is not because she is not enough educated or has a bad memory. Simply, you know when people think that some things are secondary, they don’t really fix their attention on this … the Americans believe that nothing is more important than themselves. This is their style,” Putin said.

Biden had trouble standing his ground during the summit and appeared to put the US and Russia on equal footing, adding that both countries were “great powers.” Just hours before the meeting, Putin had decided to conduct the largest military exercise since the Cold War about 300-500 miles off the coast of Hawaii. This sent the US Air Force into a frenzy.

Biden also walked back from his previous description of Putin as a “killer” and said he was “bright,” “tough” and a “worthy adversary.” He even appeared to nod during the summit when a reporter asked if he trusted the Russian leader.

The question was being asked as a shoving match occurred between US reporters and Russian security officials. Journalist Anita Kumar of Politico wrote that Russian security yelled at journalists to get back and had begun pushing them. She wrote that both presidents appeared “amused by the scene” as they watched poolers trip over the red rope and scream at security officials to stop touching them.

AP reporter Jonathan Lemire even posted a photo of the scene, adding that Russian security forces were pushing him out while President Biden “looks on.”

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield had to tweet the cleanup regarding Biden’s nod about trusting Putin during the brawl.

“It was a chaotic scrum with reporters shouting over each other. [Biden] was very clearly not responding to any one question, but nodding in acknowledgment to the press generally. He said just two days ago in his presser: ‘verify, then trust,’” the tweet reads.

Biden and Putin held solo press conferences after their meeting, which was a break from the political norm. While Biden took questions for about half as long as Putin did before lashing out at a CNN reporter, Putin used his platform to counter-spin the US messaging on cyberattacks and human rights. He focused on Biden’s increasingly negative image in America and insisted that he is a “professional” before bashing on Psaki.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out that Biden’s actions in breaking from tradition allow Putin to “spout Russian propaganda” to the world without challenge.

“He got free rein to go on for all of that time, and, to the world, spout this propaganda without, to your point, an American standing beside him saying, ‘no, that’s not what we talked about. That’s not right.’ And making the case for American interests. I knew that this was the risk that was created,” Pompeo said.

Biden has waived the sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany while canceling America’s Keystone XL pipeline. He has given Putin a PR win without getting anything in exchange. And now, Biden won’t even defend his own press secretary. Putin praised Biden as a “professional” and whenever your enemy heaps praise on you, they are winning. Biden is Putin’s puppet – it’s clear as day.

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