Arizona Gov. Blasts Biden’s Border Patrol, More Migrant Families Being Sent To Hotels

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey recently signed a joint letter with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott requesting the Biden Administration for law enforcement resources to confront the crisis at the southern border. The letter explains that there have been threats to private property and to the safety of U.S citizens. They have asked for help in arresting perpetrators of state and federal crimes before they cause problems in the state and have talked about “stepping up” to secure the border in the federal government’s absence.

“Securing our border with Mexico is the federal government’s responsibility. But the Biden Administration has proven unwilling or unable to do the job. This failure to enforce federal immigration laws causes banns that spill over into every State. The cartels will see to it that their deadly fentanyl and human-trafficking victims reach far and wide. The convicted criminals they smuggle into the homeland will bring recidivism with them to far too many of your communities,” the letter reads.

In the letter, the governors highlighted that they’ve each deployed hundreds of officers and national guardsmen already to assist Border Patrol in securing the border. They noted that in May 2021, CBP encountered the worst numbers they’ve seen in more than two decades, with 180,034 people attempting to enter along the Southwest border.

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb pointed out that Vice President Kamala Harris is “not the right person for the job.” She refuses to visit the border after being named ‘Border czar’ and has continued to prove to the American people that she’s not taking the crisis seriously enough.

“She keeps proving time and time again why she’s not the right person for the job. This isn’t an important issue for her. That’s why she’s not coming down. And we are left to only believe that this is exactly what they want. They want this chaos that is coming into this country,” Lamb said.

Lamb criticized Harris for laughing in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt about a question regarding the border. She’d been asked why she hasn’t visited the border for nearly 80 days since President Biden put her in charge of the crisis. While laughing, Harris replied, “And I haven’t been to Europe.”

While VP Harris continues to visit Central America and Mexico for the “root issues” regarding immigration, other GOP members have called it “incomprehensible” that she opts to deal with the border crisis from afar. Top Republican on the House Committee Rep. John Katko even pointed out that there’s “just no substitute for going and seeing for yourself” what’s going on at the border.

Things have gotten so bad in Arizona that federal immigration officials are placing migrant families in hotels who’ve illegally come across the border, as part of efforts to avoid “releasing people into the street.”

Nonprofit organization Family Endeavors took over a local hotel in Yuma, Arizona to hold families who’ve been transferred from Border Patrol to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The plan is being funded in an $87 million contract that the ICE awarded them, which is supposed to house 1,200 people across seven hotels. While the contract had preselected cities across Arizona and Texas, Yuma was not on the list.

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls criticized the organization and questioned why they are veering from their plan. He said that the plan encourages more people to make the trip to the U.S, knowing that they’ll be released into an American hotel with room service. He called it “counterintuitive” and notes the spike in the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border. The town would usually see about 25-50 people encountered by Border Patrol Agents daily and are now taking in about 400 people per day.

Although the Biden Administration claims to be turning people away, the federal officials seem to be permitting more people into the U.S. In addition to taking over other cities, the Biden Administration also submitted a request for information for space to house 2,000 people along the border.

The Biden Administration doesn’t have the capacity to handle the crisis they caused. When the federal government won’t do the job, states have no other recourse other than to step up and help each other. This is only the beginning of states reestablishing their authority over tyrannical Big Government.

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