Biden Warns Reporter That He’ll Get In Trouble For Taking Extra Questions

President Joe Biden has made numerous remarks in the past that his staff members have dictated the number of questions he takes. And now, he’s just admitting it. At a recent press conference following the G-7 Summit, President Biden claimed that he would be operating “strictly by the book.” Having a President who is reluctant to take extra questions is troubling and shows that he’s not in control of anything – even the press conferences he holds.

At the beginning of the conference, President Biden says, ”I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way” before calling on Bloomberg Reporter Jennifer Jacobs. He had a notebook in hand and appeared to stick strictly to protocol regarding the questions he took. As the event wrapped up, Biden hung around and answered one more reporter while adding with a laugh, “I’m going to get in trouble with my staff. Yeah, go ahead, but pretend I didn’t answer you.”

Many critics pointed out the times Biden has been careful with his questions in the past. He previously apologized while in a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in April that “this is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really going to be in trouble.” He’d also announced during a virtual event that he would be happy to take questions from lawmakers before the digital feed was cut.

It’s clear that the President of the United States isn’t running the show here, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even admitting that they urge Biden not to take unplanned or impromptu questions. “That is not something we recommend. In fact, a lot of times we say we don’t take questions,” she said on a CNN podcast interview.

Biden was even recently corrected by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson after repeatedly introducing the President of South Africa. It is embarrassing to not only have a President who can’t think for himself but even remember what he’s being told by his staffers. While the media continues to push claims that former President Donald Trump has dementia, they were pretty quiet about the way Biden has been answering his questions lately.

People even laughed at a moment halfway through the G7 summit where Joe Biden got pulled away by the arm of his wife Jill so that he could be prevented from giving an impromptu interview. Critics said it looks like Biden got “pulled away by the hand like a small child,” just to avoid answering questions.

Biden continues to humiliate America and the media knows he has dementia but does not care. All of Biden’s press conferences are heavily scripted, without a chance for off-script speech. Anything to push a radical left agenda and keep Biden as a puppet on strings.

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