Another Trump Narrative Proven False Despite The Media’s Coverage Of It All Year Long

On the night of May 29, 2020, hundreds of rioters made their way to the White House and attacked police and members of the Secret Service. Protesters insisted that their actions were based on radical change and getting Trump out of office, especially since many Democrats were discouraged to see Sen. Bernie Sanders losing to Joe Biden in the party’s primary. They found Trump to be the root of all evil and the embodiment of the “systemic racism” that had killed George Floyd.

Most of the rioters were armed with frozen water bottles and other projectiles that were intended to break metal barriers and attack members of the press. Instead of condemning the violence, most of the mainstream media mocked President Donald Trump for being rushed to a basement bunker for his own safety.

On June 1, Trump gave a speech about peaceful protests and condemning the violence. He even walked over to Lafayette Square and held up a Bible for a photo-op. But the radical left media outlets pushed a lie and created a narrative that “Trump ordered the military to remove peaceful protests with tear gas” for his photo-op.

The Department of the Interior inspector general’s report even confirmed that there was no evidence that Lafayette Square had been cleared out so that Trump could walk through it. This led to arguments over the officers’ use of tear gas and whether or not Trump was attempting to overthrow the government for a photo-op.

But the supposed ‘fact-checkers’ have had to walk back on media headlines and false narratives regarding the photo-op story, including CNN’s Jim Acosta and Anderson Cooper. Conservative Media Research Center’s Tim Graham shared that he cannot recall a check favoring the right half of politics that’s been reversed and said that this underlines how eager the media is to “solidify Democratic narratives and undermine conservative journalism.”

A recent report was released by Interior Department IG Mark Lee Greenblatt saying that the U.S Park Police and the U.S Secret Service had removed protesters on June 1 to install anti-scale fencing, a decision that was made after 49 U.S Park Police members were injured while policing protests.

The radical left media has continued to push the claim that protesters were cleared out with tear gas for a photo-op, including the New York Time’s infamous headline: “Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose At Church.” The Washington Post had even produced a 12-minute video about how the police could’ve properly cleared the way for the President to cross. MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said that the violent tear gas was used so that “Trump could have his picture taken with a Bible” and CNN’s Anderson Cooper called it “obvious” for a Trump photo-op. The media called it an “unbelievable use of military and police force” for a picture…which was completely false.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale even emphasized that the protesters were cleared out for a Trump photo-op and that “anything to the contrary was false.”

Former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer shared that fact-checking something that is later declared as false is what “erodes long-term confidence in the media” by the public and that the aura of invincibility around supposed ‘fact-checkers’ makes it even more damaging when they are later proven false. NBC News Ken Dilanian even commented on the recent Interior report, saying that the “narrative we thought we knew is not the reality.”

But when it comes to the media’s coverage on fact-checks that were later retracted, the examples are endless. Between the suppressed Wuhan lab-leak theory last year to Trump’s phone call with Georgia investigator Frances Watson, the mainstream media has pushed whatever narrative they need to – true or not. The stream of Russia-related stories, cop stories, and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal have all been media missteps meant to report narratives as facts.

Journalists aren’t journalists anymore – they are liberal activists.

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