Robbing the Public for Publicity Is Whitmer’s Legacy

The people living in Michigan have all but been abused under the tyrant thumb of Gretchen Whitmer. Her holier-art-thou attitude has left an indelible mark on the state’s history. She will be the one that people talk about as the one that killed a state. She has defied a court and now seeks to illegally use funds for pandemic aid to give people a $15 an hour minimum wage.

The tyrant socialist is worse than a typical Democrat. She is a dictator bent on destroying a state before she can legally be removed from office. The money that is supposed to go to people affected by the coronavirus will be used to supply companies with a means to pay people $15 per hour.

The problem with her illegal idea is what happens after three months. The companies will be stuck with higher wages and no way to cover the expenses—another example of how Democrats never think things all the way through.

As much as Whitmer likes to think she is in control, she still has to answer a Republican legislature that is not as willing to just fall in line and take the heat for her. Her plan is subject to failure because conservatives know how dangerous her idea is to the country.

Whitmer is trying to get the state’s attention off of the recall effort that is starting to materialize. Another problem with her idea is that there is not enough money to make sure everyone under the new minimum wage would ever see the increase. She is going to have to pick and choose the people she sees as worthy of a wage hike, and everyone else is out of luck.

Wacky Whitmer has stolen the plan from Joe Biden, who has the same idea on a national level. Both ideas are socialist in nature and will only hurt the economy.

Biden is facing problems of his own with supporting the idea. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have all but said they would never support that kind of increase for the minimum wage. These moderates stand in the way of Biden trashing America with progressive ideas.

Whitmer is also trying to push through the idea of paying for college for people over the age of 25. She wants to give $300 million to small businesses to grow. And finally, she wants to give free childcare to families 200 percent under the poverty level. Nothing about her proposal is achievable because the target base is so far off that no one will even be affected by the help.

All hate the idiotic governor in Michigan. She locked people down and told them that they could not travel or go outside. And the entire time, she was traveling all over the country, living a high life.

Under her leadership, she has led the state to increase the number of people drawing unemployment by 25 percent. Michigan is slowly turning into another socialist failed state.

The governor has even gone on to violate regulations multiple times. She has admitted to having dinners in a crowded place and violating the six-foot rule. She has also violated the rule that dictated that no more than six people could sit at the same table together. And then there was the rule that no one could buy or sell paint in Michigan. No one was allowed to do things that they needed to do for themselves.

People in Michigan are suffering under her leadership. People violating the regulations are being arrested. That is everyone but Gretchen Whitmer. One restaurant owner who was arrested believes that Whitmer needs to be subject to the same jail time they received to stay open during the lockdown. But that will never happen in a state where the liberals get away with the proverbial murder.

Whitmer and her fellow Democrats are quickly stepping into a realm that they are blindly walking. They do not think things through, and when the time comes to answer for their messes, they blame them on other people. Whitmer faces a recall, and that is the least that needs to happen to her.

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