Top Scientist Who Emailed Fauci About Lab Leak Theory in 2020 Deactivates Twitter Account After Publicized Emails

Since January 2020, a virologist at California’s Scripps Research Institute, Kristian Andersen, has been emailing Dr. Anthony Fauci about the possibilities that the coronavirus may have been engineered. But after a trove of Fauci-related emails were obtained by Buzzfeed last week under a Freedom of Information Act, Andersen deactivated his Twitter account. With the unusual turn of words in Andersen’s emails and the uncertainty surrounding the origin of the virus, corruption runs deep and scientists are growing quiet.

Just days before a release of Dr. Fauci’s emails, Andersen responded to a claim by News host Sharri Markson that Fauci had been part of a “cover-up” and argued that it’s not a ‘massive cover-up’ but just science. “I know it’s supermundane, but it isn’t actually a ‘massive cover-up’ Sharri. It’s just science. Boring, I know, but it’s quite a helpful thing to have in times of uncertainty,” he wrote.

But in released email exchanges from January 31, 2020, Andersen had asked Fauci to look at some of the unusual features of the COVID-19’s virus, which he said: “(potentially) look engineered.” He said that the virus makes up a really small part of the genome and that there’s a good team looking critically at the evidence. He wrote to Fauci that they should know much more by the end of the weekend.

Mid-march 2020, Anderson published a paper in Nature Medicine claiming that COVID-19 was not created in a lab or “purposely manipulated.” He explained how a ‘preliminary look’ at the virus suggested that it could have been engineered or manipulated but that the data suggests otherwise. He defended his paper again last month and said that the Wuhan Virology lab leak was based on speculation and that there was no credible evidence to back up any of his claims.

“All statements in our article were supported by the evidence available at the time, and they have only since been further strengthened by additional evidence, of which there is a great deal,” Andersen said.

After the release of Fauci’s emails, Andersen began deleting thousands of Twitter posts and even tried to excuse his actions by saying that his old tweets “auto-delete.” His emails gained attention, in particular, for showing that the lab leak was taken exceedingly seriously and was never labeled a “conspiracy theory” from the start.

National Pulse editor-in-chief wrote that this opens up questions of an unprecedented global cover-up and that the establishment politicians and corporate media look worse than ever.

In the wake of the email reveals, Andersen began blocking Twitter users who were questioning the emails. Users were asked to elaborate on some of the phrases he used with Dr. Fauci such as “inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory” and what “some features look engineered” means. He began deleting thousands of anti-lab-leak replies and posts before March 7, 2021, arguing that his tweets auto-delete.

“Yeah, like of a sudden 5000 of your tweets go *poof* because they were auto-deletes? Wouldn’t *auto*-deletes be deleted on a rolling bases? Or did you just change 5000 of your old tweets to be auto-deleted today? Maybe you should auto-delete your Proximal Origins paper?” One Twitter user wrote.

After dozens of users called out Andersen’s lies and tweet excuses, he deleted his Twitter account entirely. But his disappearance from the web proves that Fauci knew, he knew, and a ton of other elite politicians and scientists knew that gain of function research was occurring at the Wuhan Institute of Virology right under their noses – and that they funded it themselves. The radical left will do anything to follow the money.

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