China Follows in Russia’s Footsteps After Biden Ignores Hacking of Critical Infrastructure

The entire American infrastructure is up for grabs, apparently. Biden has made it clear that he is not going to do a darn thing about any of this. Since the Russians have decided that they are going to hack our gasoline and our beef supplies, the Chinese have become emboldened.

The hacking groups are only going to get more bold until Biden does something about this. He’ll need to do something meaningful because the attacks are only getting worse and worse. Did you know that the Chinese were able to launch a successful attack on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority? Their computer systems were compromised in April, according to a report from the New York Times.

While the hackers were unable to gain meaningful access to the systems in question but various vulnerabilities were exposed. The Chinese government has zero fear of the United States because of Joe Biden. The New York Times is here to offer further background on this latest insanity:

“A hacking group believed to have links to the Chinese government penetrated the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s computer systems in April, exposing vulnerabilities in a vast transportation network that carries millions of people every day, according to an M.T.A. document that outlined the breach.

The hackers did not gain access to systems that control train cars and rider safety was not at risk, transit officials said, adding that the intrusion appeared to have done little, if any, damage.

But a week after the agency learned of the attack, officials raised concerns that hackers could have entered those operational systems or that they could continue to penetrate the agency’s computer systems through a back door, the document also shows.

The breach was the third — and most significant — cyberattack on the transit network, North America’s largest, by hackers thought to be connected to foreign governments in recent years, according to transit officials.”

Ransomware hackers have targeted the Colonial Pipeline and our meat supplies, making us wonder what the next step is going to be. When the Colonial Pipeline was targeted, the southeastern United States was thrown into a complete panic. We all saw the videos of people trying their best to hoard gas in tote containers and even plastic bags.

These are not tactics that we would recommend but this is what happens when people are given the chance to panic. This is something that we place squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden. The JBS hack is going to cause some very serious problems as well. They were forced to pause processing at some of their largest plants until the problem is squared away.

This may seem simple enough but in reality? The company has to shut down five massive plants that are responsible for the production of significant amounts of food. These plants are managing over 20,000 cattle per day, which is no mean feat. When your enemies do not fear your leader, they are going to laugh in his face as they continue to do whatever they want.

Russia has already made it abundantly clear that they could not care less what Biden has to say about any of this. Putin has done everything short of laughing directly in his face. Russia should be shaking in their shoes and not knowing what is about to happen to them because of their bold actions. Instead, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. There is no way that they will ever receive any sort of retribution.

Hackers like these are only going to respond to two things: severe punishment and enhanced system updates. These hacks are taking place because too many people have gotten complacent. In fact, the JBS hack is already being blamed on shoddy equipment but the company is doing everything in their power to walk that one back. Sleepy Joe has a lot of work to do before the next hack takes place. Someone wake him up from his latest nap.

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