Hillary Clinton Continues To Push The Same Fake January 6 Story

Instead of paying respect to the fallen heroes of families ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to continue sharing a debunked Capitol story. She has continued to push the story that protesters at the U.S Capitol on January 6 had fatally killed Capital Officer Brian Sicknick with a fire extinguisher. She asserted that the “angry mob” rushed the Capitol and killed a policeman but that, however, was not true.

“An angry mob attacked our Capitol, our lawmakers, and our election. They killed a policeman. And Republican leaders would rather we all not know more about what happened,” Clinton tweeted on May 28.

Her remark comes the same day the Senate Republicans blocked H.R 3233, the bill to form a 9/11-style National Commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act.

Sen. Ted Cruz wrote that multiple investigations were already underway, but that he does not support the “politically motivated” January 6 commission led by Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Many people likened it to a ‘political witch hunt.’ Only six Republicans had voted in support of the commission legislation.

So far, two Capitol protesters have been accused of assaulting the Officer by spraying a powerful chemical irritant, but medical examiners have not tied the exposure to Sicknick’s death.

The media’s original narrative was that Officer Sicknick had been fatally wounded by a fire extinguisher when, in fact, the medical examiner found no evidence of blunt force trauma and ruled that the officer had suffered two strokes and died of natural causes. The only violence that they found surrounding January 6 had been Ashli Babbitt, who was shot as she climbed through a broken door into the Speaker’s lobby.

The circulation of the fire extinguisher narrative, even though it had been dismissed, caused a massive backlash for Clinton. “Once again, we are being taught the lesson that everything the establishment media report eventually ends up being exposed as a big fat lie. But there’s a big difference between bludgeoning someone to death and not — and that difference is intent,” conservative writer John Nolte posted.

Ironically enough, Clinton has warned people against the “epidemic of fake news and false propaganda.” She warned social media users throughout the year 2016 that this form of disinformation is a danger to communities across America and putting the lives of ordinary people at risk.

It’s concerning how okay Democrats are with Black Lives Matter and Antifa destroying businesses and neighborhoods throughout the summer, but when a protest happens right outside their building, it is supposedly an attack on democracy that needs to be remedied. If anyone knows how to push a false narrative, it’s the Clintons.

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