More Looting In Minneapolis, Rioters Can’t Even Remember The Name Of The Person They Were Causing Destruction Over

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been investigating local agencies after its North Star Fugitive Task Force killed 32-year-old Winston Boogie Smith, a man they were trying to arrest. As usual, left-leaning activists came out to protest against law enforcement and get more information about the shooting.

Smith was wanted on a state arrest warrant for being a felon in possession of a firearm and had been convicted of aggravated robbery in 2017. He was put on probation but failed to appear for sentencing on May 19 for firearm possession.

While task force members confronted the man, he wouldn’t surrender and even pulled out a gun. According to evidence gathered at the scene, Smith had fired his weapon from inside the car and a handgun was later recovered at the scene.

Officials wrote that the suspect “who was in a parked car, failed to comply and produced a handgun resulting in task force members firing upon the subject.” A Hennepin County sheriff deputy and a Ramsey County sheriff deputy working on the task force had discharged their weapons and hit Smith. Even when someone’s holding a gun on a cop and actively resisting arrest, Democrats will find a way to protect the violent.

Paramedics declared Smith dead at the scene and took the woman who was in the car with him to the hospital. She was treated for minor injuries after glass shattered in the car.

The U.S Marshals Service does not currently allow for body cameras to be used for officers on its task force and there is no squad car footage of the incident. A protest soon gathered at Lake Street and Girard Avenue, the scene of the shooting, where groups of people stood behind police tape and chanted “All cops are b******s.”

Activists groups “We Push For Peace” and “A mother’s Love” also gathered to get more information about the shooting and deescalate any “conflicts” that were to arise. Even though no members of the Minneapolis Police department (whose officers were involved in the death of George Floyd) were involved, small protests continued to occur throughout Minneapolis.

While most protesters dispersed the area by 6 p.m., a second crowd returned soon after 9 p.m. They ripped down the crime scene tape and dragged a dumpster into the middle of a busy road to set on fire. Video footage was shared by independent journalist Rebecca Brannon of a raging fire burning in the middle of the street. She claimed that it had been raging for 40 minutes and there was no police presence.

Small businesses in the area reported that they had been looted and vandalized throughout the night. Footage shared to social media showed a window of a nearby CVS shattered, along with a T-Mobile store broken into. Rioters were smashing windows outside of Target and even assaulted one person, leaving them unconscious within the store. Nearly 30 people broke into the nearby sneaker shop. Walgreens was also looted and broken into by rioters.

As the protest progressed throughout the night, officers deployed tear gas at the large crowd and made a number of arrests. Law enforcement continued to make arrests into the morning hours, which Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder said would be released later on Friday.

A separate protest on the exact same day was taking place at the 28th Street and Chicago Avenue intersection, where George Floyd was killed in 2020. While law enforcement is preparing to reopen the intersection, protesters just keep blocking it back up. “No justice, no peace,” a man with a bullhorn shouted in the area.

One Black Lives Matter rioter in the street couldn’t even remember the name of the person they were causing destruction over. “I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name,” the activist tells the far-left media outlet interviewing him.

Nothing says “I demand justice” like smashing windows, carrying armloads of stolen merchandise, setting dumpsters on fire, and looting small businesses. Democrats just can’t resist taking advantage of the situation.

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