Former CDC Director Says Woke Scientists Sent Him Death Threats After Suggesting Coronavirus Was A Lab Leak

Robert Redfield, the former Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Director, recently shared that he has received death threats for supporting the theory that the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. While he said the explanation has gained more popularity over the weeks, it’s clear that science has been vulnerable to the religion of Leftism for quite some time now – and won’t stop threatening the scientific community anytime soon.

Redfield shared with Vanity Fair that he began receiving death threats from politicians, people on social media, and even fellow scientists, after telling CNN’s Dr. Sanjau Gupta that he believed COVID-19 had originated in a lab. He said he had been threatened and ostracized in the scientific community for simply proposing another hypothesis. While taking note that he expected it from politicians, he said he didn’t expect it from science.

After reviewing hundreds of pages of U.S government documents and tons of controversial virology research, State department officials have demanded transparency from the Chinese government to explore the Wuhan Institute’s gain-of-function research. But colleagues have warned that it would bring unwelcome attention to the U.S government funding of it and open a ‘can of worms into the origin of COVID-19.

It’s not an absurd claim to suggest that the outbreak begins in the city with a laboratory housing one of the world’s most extensive collections of bat viruses, doing some of the most aggressive research. Yet according to the radical left, it’s nothing but former President Donald Trump’s xenophobic agenda. So much for journalists and scientists being incentivized into doing some investigating on their own.

World Health organization secretary-general Tedros Ghebreyesus has also suggested that the lab leak theory needed serious investigation and that the threats speak volumes about ‘political correctness’ and choosing to listen to China over science. They’ve lied numerous times, silenced scientists, blocked investigations, carefully guarded raw data, and have done everything to obstruct the world’s ability to get answers.

The Wuhan CDC even denied having any lab activities involving bat viruses, even though there have been boasts from some researchers about visiting dozens of bat caves and studying over 300 types of virus vectors. David Asher, who ran the State Department’s day-to-day COVID-19 origins inquiry, said it soon became evident that there is “huge gain-of-function bureaucracy” inside the federal government.

Dr. Richard Ebright, board of governors professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University said it only took him a nanosecond to consider a link to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He said that only two other labs in the world were doing similar research – one in Galveston, Texas, and one in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “It’s not a dozen cities. It’s three places,” he said.

But the scientific community didn’t follow the science, they followed the money and politics. Just look at flip-flop Fauci. He’ll say whatever guidelines and recommendations for an extra buck. It’s been a year since the pandemic originated and we have yet to conduct an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Everyone loves to point out the dangers of a xenophobic agenda, but not the dangers of science becoming politicized.

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  1. We all know it was a leak at the Whuan Lab and it was not accidental. This was unleashed to the USA and the rest of the world

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