Employees Sue Hospital Over Vaccine Mandate, CEO Says Vaccination Is More Important Than Individual Freedom

117 hospital employees just sued the Houston Methodist Hospital over their latest mandate to require COVID-19 shots at the workplace, which were authorized merely as emergency measures and not fully approved vaccines.

The lawsuit claims that the vaccine mandate violates the Nuremberg Code, which was put in place after Nazis were using medical experiments against prisoners in concentration camps, along with numerous labor and employment laws. They said that forcing employees to get the experimental COVID-19 injection is to force employees to be “human guinea pigs” as a condition for continued employment. So much for my body, my choice.

It wasn’t just the COVID-19 mandate that didn’t sit well with the plaintiffs. The way that David Bernard, the CEO of Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, worded it was also unbelievable. “100% vaccination is more important than your individual freedom. Everyone [sic] of you is replaceable. If you don’t like what your [sic] doing you can leave and we will replace your spot,” he said.

The words were put at the top of the 56-page lawsuit that argues against forcing employees to participate in an experimental vaccine trial. The documents allege that the defendant’s hospital was one of the first major health care systems in the country to adopt a COVID-19 vaccine mandate or be fired. They have denied any claims for religious or medical exemptions. All employees have until June 7 to get the vaccine, and currently, 99% of the hospital’s 26,000 workers have complied. The directive says that this bid is the only way to “protect” their “patients.”

“Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment. As CEO, Marc Boom [is] attempting to increase company profits by ‘leading the way’ and enticing potential patients to Defendant Methodist at the expense of other health care providers who do not force their employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for employment,” Jared Woodfill, a conservative Texas attorney, said in a statement.

While several media outlets have argued that the vaccine is no longer considered experimental because it has completed clinical trials, there is still much that the FDA does not know about the vaccine’s longtime use, effectiveness against infection, death, and the transmission of COVID-19. Lead plaintiff Jennifer Bridges said that she has taken “every vaccine known to man” but fears for the COVID-19 shot’s safety since it is still unproven. “It’s like you’re being forced to do this, whether you like it or not,” she said.

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission posted updated guidelines to give employees the opportunity to refuse vaccination mandates. Federal EEO laws state that an employer can offer incentives to employees to be vaccinated or provide documentation of vaccination, but cannot require employees to be vaccinated.

It reads: “Employers should keep in mind that because some individuals or demographic groups may face greater barriers to receiving a covid-19 vaccination than others.” It states that some employees may be more likely to be negatively impacted by a vaccination requirement.

You can read the full guidelines here.

Bridges said they are simply asking the hospital for more time, research, and full FDA approval before injecting the COVID-19 vaccine into their bodies.

There should be no “mandate” for any of these vaccines, period. There may be a new virus out there, but it has never been pandemic in nature. It is simply a new strain of the common flu.

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  1. I guess he hasn’t listened to the doctor from Stanford when asked about the vaccine he stated why get the vaccine when there are medicines to cure it. Strange these are the same meds 2 doctors in CA kept saying cure it. Zuck et al removed all traces of the videos back when Covid first started. If people don’t think the Dems Soros and all the rest used this to their advantage and the detriment to the rest of us. Many people need to be in jail for life!!!

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