Another Liberal Elite Claims That Shoplifting Charges Is ‘Criminalizing Poverty,’ People Should Steal Whatever They Need

Another left-winged celebrity has shown just how “out of touch” with reality Democrats really are. Cynthia Nixon, one of the “Sex and the City” actresses and failed New York gubernatorial candidate, wants to legalize crime and address the shoplifting surge in San Francisco, but in a way that doesn’t prosecute the criminals. She said that would be “criminalizing poverty.”

As usual, she was mocked online for stating that desperate people shouldn’t be prosecuted and CVS should let people shoplift, rather than lock up their goods. Easy for Nixon to say when she’s living in a $3.2 million Manhattan apartment. That is real “privilege.”

The CVS on my corner has started locking up basic items like clothing detergent.

As so many families can’t make ends meet right now, I can’t imagine thinking that the way to solve the problem of people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them.

— Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) May 22, 2021

The tweet was in regards to a New York Times article about the shoplifting surge and how the scale of theft has made business untenable in San Francisco. San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safai even shared that the shoplifting incidents have gotten so out of control that they have become more “violent and brazen.” Walgreens has closed 18 San Francisco-based stores because of the overwhelming theft and dangerous situations for staff members.

Gov. Cuomo also warned New York City of its escalating crime rates, which has increased by 30% this week compared to the same week last year. Robberies have also spiked by 70%. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo notes that police reform is a “work in progress” and that changing the system is complicated, but took no fault of his own for the explosion of crime in NYC.

As usual, Nixon also showed how much of an ‘out-of-touch elite’ she really is. She is not only telling shops to open their doors to crime, but aggravating an already poor situation. This is just as absurd as telling people that “less police equals less crime.”

Her tweet received lots of reactions from commentators and critics, including former prosecutor Thomas Kenniff, who is now running for Manhattan District Attorney. “Why don’t you leave the doors to your posh co-op unlocked and the closets and freezer stocked. Those in need can come help themselves?” He wrote.

Other Twitter users pointed out that they grew up poor and still never took anything they hadn’t paid for. They said it was “insulting” to suggest that the less fortunate have no ability to discern right from wrong and that allowing widespread theft ultimately results in higher prices, which just punishes the poor and honest.

“Letting people just steal stuff doesn’t solve the problem either. Which laws do we choose to follow? Do you really think society will be better off if we let people just walk into a store and steal whatever they want?” Another user wrote.

Steal whatever you want – just don’t forget to show your ‘vaccine passport’ on the way out, right?

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  1. Texas should load up buses with migrants adults and kids and take them to wh and dump them also a bus load and dump on BIDENS door step leaving a note “I think they are your concern not the people of America.
    Biden brought them here now deal with them in your neck of the woods!!!

  2. Every single person who endorses this idea that shoplifting should be ok should be required by law to open a small store, invest every cent they have in it, mortgage their home to pay for inventory, and then let people come and steal it all.

    If you are going to claim you have some moral bias for your beliefs then you should be required to back that with your life.

    I can guarantee you they would have a different opinion after their first months discussion with their accountant. when the accountant said well you could write off your loses if you had some profits, but you don;t so your broke and can not pay me. I am done doing accounting for you.

  3. This is of course part of a long-range plan to eliminate the private economy altogether and have all commodities owned by the collective and distributed by the state. You won’t have to shoplift because you will be given a uniform and rations. You won’t have to worry about homelessness on the one hand or protecting your property on the other because you will be assigned to a barracks by the government. You won’t have to defend your family because you won’t have one: everyone will be produced by artificial insemination of lesbians from homosexuals and transvestites, and the resultant “theybies” will be taken at birth (“as one takes eggs from a hen”, Orwell said) and raised an indoctrinated in public institutions. You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy (or else), say Schwab and Gates. Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! The Biden regime is communism! Join the Brotherhood!

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