Texas Hospitals Crumbling Under Migrant Care Costs (And Getting No Help From Biden)

According to a recent press release, Congressman August Pfluger has asked the Biden Administration to pay the Midland Memorial Hospital back over $200,000 for the cost of migrant children treated at the hospital. They have covered the costs to care for migrant children at the Midland migrant facility and have not been reimbursed for the expenses.

As there has been a massive surge of illegal aliens rushing into Texas, a facility was set up in Midland to house hundreds of illegal immigrants. According to the Midland HHS facility, at least 40 illegal immigrants have been treated at the hospital for a variety of reasons including COVID-19, two pregnancies, four suicide attempts, one sexual assault exam, and more.

The expenses have racked up more than $200,000 and President Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services has not processed a single reimbursement claim. The administration has done very little to stop the border crisis and massive invasion in Texas.

“Midland’s hospital system should not have to shoulder the costs of the Biden border crisis. I will immediately begin knocking down doors to demand that Midland Memorial Hospital is paid in full,” Pfluger said.

A number of migrant facilities across Texas are still majorly overcrowded, with one facility in Donna, Texas, reaching 729% of its pandemic capacity. Several counties have already declared local states of disaster due to migrant trafficking, which is threatening residents and businesses everywhere. Even ranchers are waking up to find illegal aliens on their ranches.

The Presidio County, along with Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Brewster, and Culberson have issued emergency declarations, as they are near the border with Mexico and span 100 miles east of El Paso County to the Big Bend region.

The Presidio County Commissioners Court in Marfa, Texas, had issued an emergency declaration to stop the surge of migrants coming from Texas. It read: “To proclaim a local state of disaster whereas, the health, life, and property of the residents of Presidio County are under the imminent threat of disaster from the human trafficking occurring on our border with Mexico.”

Presidio County Judge, Cinderela Guevara, said she’d signed the order but insisted that it should be issued by the full court as a declaration of a ‘state of disaster’ instead. “All around us they are catching a lot of illegal aliens and these are not people trying to come here for asylum. For the most part, they feel like they’re dangerous criminals and that the situation is out of control,” she warned during the recent commissioners’ court online meeting.

Hudspeth County Judge Thomas Neely, who is 93 years old, issued a similar declaration and shared with reporters that he’d been on the border all his life and he’d never seen a crisis like this one. The people entering Hudspeth county are not seeking asylum, but drug smuggling and part of a larger criminal element. He said they are doing a lot of damage to local ranchers and farmers who live along the border, like cutting precious water lines and letting cattle get out onto 1-10.

Joanna MacKenzie, Hudspeth County Emergency Management Coordinator, shared that the county’s jail has already spent nearly $200,000 in costs in medical care and transportation with the migrant surge. There is no hospital in Hudspeth County, so injured migrants are taken to nearby counties, like El Paso, which is 90 minutes away.

Numerous officials have raised concerns regarding children at some of the facilities being trafficked. Texas officials have even blamed the Biden Administration for opening the Midland facility without even consulting the community.

While these have been designed to be “temporary” shelters, the local communities are having to pay the price. Democrats don’t understand the consequences of letting illegal burdens collapse a state before their very own eyes. The governors shouldn’t be letting this happen and neither should President Biden. Let the Dems pay for their disaster.

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