Biden Seems Confused About His Party’s Support of Israel

President Biden doesn’t seem to understand that he cannot say whatever he wants. He has a party that he must agree with. He has to answer to the American people whenever he says something that is against what we are actually seeing.

Biden has always supported Israel. The problem is that he isn’t allowed to do so anymore because the rest of his party has pulled him away from his moderate stance.

Now that our president is trying to appease the liberals within his party and the American people as a whole, he’s realizing that it’s a struggle. So, rather than being honest, he simply shows his confusion.

On Friday, Biden said the Democratic Party “still supports Israel.”

How is that true? There are dozens of progressives who have shown that they are on the opposite side of the Israel-Gaza conflict as he is.

There’s a significant divide, and yet, Biden doesn’t even want to address this.

For his entire career, Biden has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Most rational people are. He even offered “unwavering support” when he was on a call with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, earlier in the month.

That’s great that Biden is saying that he supports Israel, but he’s clearly confused as to where the rest of his party stands.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are just a few of the Democratic Representatives who have condemned Israel along with Biden’s support of the country.

It’s hard to believe Biden that the Democrats are going to continue to offer “unwavering support” when it seems as though there is so much infighting.

The Israel-Gaza conflict has ended with a ceasefire…for now. However, anyone familiar with the situation knows that this is temporary.

Reporters have noticed the shift – and have been pressuring Biden for some kind of explanation. After all, if there are left-wing Democrats pushing to condemn Israel, how can the president continue to choose an opposing side.

Biden claims that there’s been “no shift” in his commitment to secure Israel. Ummm…except that there has been. While he may not have shifted, some members of his party have.

He says, “I think that my party still supports Israel.” If he truly thinks that, he may want to check out some of the tweets coming from Ilhan Omar and others. It’s clear that they’re not in support of Israel – and they’re condemning everything that Biden does to help the nation.

Meanwhile, as Biden continues to show his confusion about where his party stands regarding the conflict, there are Palestinian supporters tearing up cities across the U.S. Los Angeles and New York City are some of the most notable cities where the crime has surged.

The riots have involved attacking people of the Jewish faith. The attacks are completely unprovoked and often involve people demanding to know who is Jewish so that they can continue to attack.

Where is the condemnation coming from for such acts of violence? They’re not coming from Democratic Representatives like Omar or AOC because they’re in support of the violence. They see nothing wrong with people attacking others based on faith.

And Biden isn’t condemning the acts of violence, either. To do so would be to admit that they’re happening and that his party isn’t as unified on the subject as he would like to believe.

So, the entire Democratic Party is content to watch Palestinian supporters in the U.S. attack Jewish communities. Only when the blood spills onto the street or makes headlines will any of the Democratic leaders feel they need to do something.

Biden needs to get a handle on his party. The ceasefire is only temporary – and to believe otherwise is foolish. If Biden believes that the Democratic party truly supports Israel, the rioting and the left-wing Representatives need to be stopped.

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